Thursday, September 30, 2010


I know I'm not the only one who totally gets inspired to lose weight once a new season of The Biggest Loser comes on (sidenote--already don't like one of the girls, the wedding-planner-diva one, but anyhoo...).  The contestants are inspiration, and I can usually see myself in at least one of them (except no really BIG girls on it this year, what's up with that, BL?).  A lot of times their stories could be our stories.  It makes us want to change... but then we don't.  Or maybe we do for a little while, but we stop.

What's UP with that?!!?

This week's episode had them visiting the doc, where he tells them all the awful stuff that's going on with their bodies... diabetes, hypertension, fat surrounding their organs, clogged arteries... nasty stuff.  And then he tells them what their "real" age is, which is usually WAY high up there compared to their actual age.  And for most of them it's a huge eye-opener.  And for me, it's probably why I haven't been to the doctor in a couple years for a physical... because I'm afraid of what they might say!  I go for my annual girly-visits, and I'll go occasionally when I'm sick, but I haven't had routine lab work done in several years.  Cuz I'm a big ol' scaredy cat. 

The doc on BL this week asked one of the contestants "Do you want to live" and through tears, she said yes, obviouisly... "Well you're not acting like it" was his response.  And it's true.  So many times we talk about how we want to change, and we want to be healthy.... but we're not acting like it!  I am beyond guilty of this fact as well.  How many times have I stopped and started while keeping this blog (my last entry was number 300, btw)?  A LOT.  I say I want to change, but I sure as hell don't act like it, do I?  Do you?

So it's time to act like I want to live.  No more pity parties about how it's hard--obviously it's hard, but it wasn't EASY getting to the weight that I am... I had to work at that too, cuz it doesn't just happen on it's own.  I deserve a long, happy, healthy life, and it's nobody's responsiblity to see that I get there but my own.

Tonight at 5:30, I face the music.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Motivation & Stuff

Alright guys... no lie... I haven't been around in 3 months, and it's not cuz I've been rocking the weight loss on my own by any means.  You know why and I know why... cuz I fell off that damn wagon again.  If only the wagon had like a seatbelt or something...

Anyway, I could sit around and mope about the fact that I have eaten like there's no tomorrow all summer long, or I can get right down to it...

I'm feeling motivated again.  Who knows for how long that will last, but I figure it's something, so I better pay attention to it & use it while it's here.  I think part of it came from the premiere of the new season of The Biggest Loser that was on this week (who ISN'T motivated by that?).  And the other part came from my 27th birthday that I celebrated yesterday.  I've been coveting this pink bike for awhile now... and my wonderful husband made my dreams come true by getting me THIS for my birthday:
Yes, that is a pink Schwinn Cruiser AND a pink helmet!!!  I was beyond excited.  This is the look of excitement:
I was a little nervous at first, because I know for a fact I haven't been on a bike for at least 10 years, and maybe closer to 15 years!  I also was an extremely clumsy kid on my bike & crashed and burnt a LOT.  Hense the helmet.

Buuuuut, about 5 minutes after giving the bike a whirl, I was riding like the WIND!  I felt like a kid again, and it felt amazing to feel the breeze in my face and just fly down the street on my wheels!  I loved it!  And I didn't want to get off of it!
As you can see, it was DARK outside and I was still cruising on my pink bike!  Aaaand, this picture shall serve as my horrendous "before" cuz can you see that gut and that big ol' booty?!  I want those things to be smaller by this time next year!  So here's to motivation & taking it where you can get it... I'm gonna go back to WW this week and face the music.  I've continued to pay for my monthly membership--why, I don't know... hope that I'd return, maybe?  So, I just have to get myself to a meeting and get the dreaded weigh-in over with.  I have a feeling I've got a longer distance to go than I ever have before... and that trend is only going to continue if I don't get on the ball and freaking DO something instead of talking about doing something!

Who's with me?!