Thursday, September 30, 2010


I know I'm not the only one who totally gets inspired to lose weight once a new season of The Biggest Loser comes on (sidenote--already don't like one of the girls, the wedding-planner-diva one, but anyhoo...).  The contestants are inspiration, and I can usually see myself in at least one of them (except no really BIG girls on it this year, what's up with that, BL?).  A lot of times their stories could be our stories.  It makes us want to change... but then we don't.  Or maybe we do for a little while, but we stop.

What's UP with that?!!?

This week's episode had them visiting the doc, where he tells them all the awful stuff that's going on with their bodies... diabetes, hypertension, fat surrounding their organs, clogged arteries... nasty stuff.  And then he tells them what their "real" age is, which is usually WAY high up there compared to their actual age.  And for most of them it's a huge eye-opener.  And for me, it's probably why I haven't been to the doctor in a couple years for a physical... because I'm afraid of what they might say!  I go for my annual girly-visits, and I'll go occasionally when I'm sick, but I haven't had routine lab work done in several years.  Cuz I'm a big ol' scaredy cat. 

The doc on BL this week asked one of the contestants "Do you want to live" and through tears, she said yes, obviouisly... "Well you're not acting like it" was his response.  And it's true.  So many times we talk about how we want to change, and we want to be healthy.... but we're not acting like it!  I am beyond guilty of this fact as well.  How many times have I stopped and started while keeping this blog (my last entry was number 300, btw)?  A LOT.  I say I want to change, but I sure as hell don't act like it, do I?  Do you?

So it's time to act like I want to live.  No more pity parties about how it's hard--obviously it's hard, but it wasn't EASY getting to the weight that I am... I had to work at that too, cuz it doesn't just happen on it's own.  I deserve a long, happy, healthy life, and it's nobody's responsiblity to see that I get there but my own.

Tonight at 5:30, I face the music.


Twix said...

Doctors app?? Good luck! ((hugs))

I hate to be the bummer but I dislike the show. I find it discouraging, so I've stopped watching it. :(

You're so right! We can't just talk the talk. We have to walk the walk!

We may fall off but we get back up and keep going. With lots of practice we will become good at this in the long run. Just like riding a bike! And the minute we stop is the minute we gave up. And for us that's not an option! We are living!! High five!

Good luck with tonight!

Teale said...

Oh, I guess I should have clarified. 5:30 isn't a doctor's appointment, it's a Weight Watchers meeting... I'm facing the scale. EEEK!

Tara said...

I don't mean to be a bitch, but don't you ever get tired of saying you're going to do something and not do it? I used to read your blog all the time and be inspired by you, but not so much now. Your recipes are good, and you sure know how to talk the talk. But it's obvious to me that you can't practice what you preach.

Teale said...

Hi "Tara",

I'm glad to hear that in the past you've felt inspired by me. I think that's great. However, a lot of times those that inspire us are known to struggle. And sometimes they struggle big time. The great thing about blogging is that those that keep a blog (I'm assuming you don't, considering you didn't link up) can choose what they disclose to their audience. So if they don't want to be honest and say that they're struggling, or that they've screwed up one more time, they don't have to.

I'm not like that, however. I choose to keep a blog because of the friendships I've developed with others that are in the same boat. I'm inspired by those that succeed (and trust me, those that succeed ALSO struggle--sometimes 100 times!) and I'm empathetic towards those that have a hard time. They keep me coming back and keep me from giving up entirely.

I would never claim that I can "talk the talk" OR walk the walk, for that matter, and I think that anyone that would be boastful enough to say that about themselves isn't someone I'd want for inspiration. I'd want someone that was real--and reality is that we don't all succeed 100% of the time. But the only time we fail is when we don't keep trying. So as long as I keep trying, even if that means I fall off that horse 100 or 1,000 times, as long as I get back on it one more time than I fall off it, that's what's important.

I wish I could say I'm sorry to lose a reader, but fortunately I think I feel a little better knowing that someone so flawless (you must not ever struggle with anything in your life, I assume?) isn't reading my blog anymore. Because if I'm being honest, perfection would be a pretty boring thing to read about. The ladies (and gentlemen?) who read me and truly care about my struggles and successes are the ones who I would prefer to surround myself with.


Michelle718 said...

Dearest Tara,

It is my belief that people like you "get off" on trying to rip people apart. If you thought your comment was going to tear Teale down, you were sadly mistaken. Whether she "succeeds" in your eyes does not matter to her, or anyone else. I can tell you that Teale does succeed, she succeeds in being one of the most beautiful and big hearted people I have ever had the privilege of knowing, and though her and I may not be close, I consider her someone I can go to when I need someone to pick me up when I have fallen.

I am pleased to know that you will no longer be a part of Miss Teale's blog, because she certainly doesn't need someone as negative as you being a part of her successes. I am proud of her, and what she has accomplished. Teale is "real", and she doesn't "lie" she admits to being a "real" person and that WE ALL STRUGGLE with things in our lives.

Now, I want to believe you are just having a bad day, and for this reason needed someone to pick apart to make yourself feel better. If you choose to continue reading, I suggest you use better judgment with your vindictive comments, because Teale doesn't deserve it!

For the record Teale, I love ya!

Laura said...

Teale- You have inspired me in the past, and I've never stopped reading your blog because you're real. It's like you said; you face up and blog about it when you've gained. You've never "talked the talk" because you're human and we all make mistakes. The best part about you is that you keep on trying, and one of these days, you will succeed!

Good on you!

Erin said...

That IS the biggest road block I think- the place that comes between knowing a change is needed/wanted and what to do about it...the place of actually doing it, and sticking to it consistently. Whether it has to do with a food-related life change, exercise, or any other big change in life. So it is no wonder that it takes a lot of struggle and try-try, again. I think Tara was looking for an easier way maybe, but to me- if you struggle, the best thing you can do is keep going, which you truly do, Teale. You always find a way to keep going, and you never know when this time is THE time. :) Keep it up, girl!