Sunday, March 9, 2008

Holy Crap

So someone left me a comment on my last entry about how I have less "junk in the trunk" as they do. And I chuckled, b/c I thought "You obviously haven't SEEN all the junk I've got!!!" So I pulled out my "before" picture... I don't look at it often. And I see my MAMMOUTH ass. That's still what I envision it as.

Then I compared it to the pics I posted yesterday.

And my jaw dropped.

That may have been what I needed to get me past this mental battle. The proof is right there! I really AM making progress, and 50 pounds DOES make a difference. Wow, was pretty much all I could say. Wow.


Scale Junkie said...

clearly you have a very observant and HONEST commenter!! I'd say you have less junk in the trunk and everywhere else!! You are looking AMAZING!!

You'd be so pretty if... said...

What a difference! Way to go!

Lyn said...

See?? Look at that! A shrunken trunk! :)

Chubby Chick said...

Yes, your trunk is definitely shrinking! So is everything else! lol Your pics are incredible. Your progress is SO obvious!!! :)

And... you are SUCH an inspiration! Seeing your success really motivates me to keep going and not give up. Thanks for that. :)

Just Me said...


Your junk gone...!?!?!?! Man, everything is gone!!!Ahhhhh you're melting, your melting... (but in an awsome way!!!)

Ms Ingrid said...

Such a BIG difference!

You are doing great, just keep it up.

Felicia said...

Holy Crap is right! You look AMAZING!! Photos have kept me sane through my whole journey. I hated taking them but am so glad now. I would have never "seen" what I do in the photos by just looking in the mirror. It just looks different some how.

CONGRATS and keep up the awesome work!!

Have a SUPER week!

Hanlie said...

Wow, that is amazing! You are so inspiring... Keep going girl, it's so worth it!

Lynn said...

WOW, huge difference Teale, awesome girl!!

holly said...

wow...awesome work