Monday, March 10, 2008

Move it

Yesterday was the whole "set your clocks forward" situation. I can never remember if that's Daylight Savings Time, or if that means DST is ending... at any rate, it means it stays light outside for longer in the evening. So yesterday evening at about 7, I had nothing to do, and I thought I'd go for a walk. It wasn't too cold outside. I had on a long-sleeved shirt, pants, gloves, and a scarf, and I was comfy. I walked for about 5 minutes, and then something happened.

The spirit moved me!


Yes, you can pick your jaw up off the floor now!

I am participating in a 5K in June, and another friend of mine online is going to participate with me. She had left me a message saying she was starting the c25k training this week. I read that comment right before I left for my walk, and I thought about it while I was walking. I couldn't remember what amounts of time I was supposed to jog/walk for the first week, since I didn't go on this walk prepared to train. So, I just set my own amount & stuck with it. I jogged for 30 sec, walked for 60. When I got home and looked at the schedule, I saw that week one is actually 60/90, but oh well. I still freaking JOGGED.

A few months ago, back in my early WW days, I was walking consistently in the mornings before work. There was one entry I wrote about where I decided to jog, and I was able to for about a block before feeling like I was gonna die. Let me just tell you that it was SO much easier this time!!! It did get harder as I got near the end of my session, but I kept going regardless. I didn't keep track of the time, but my estimate is that I did this for about 15-20 min, plus a warm up/cool down for a few minutes on each end. It's a start though!

I will admit, my joints are a little sore today. Specifically my knees. I didn't notice it until I went down the stairs on my way to work today. But it's OK, it's a good ache.