Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Illness... SO not fun!

I've been under the weather for a week now, with two separate illnesses. Last week I suddenly became violently ill in the intestinal arena & spent a majority of the day on the toilet. Mid-evening, the non-stop vomiting began, and a few hours later, I ended up in the ER to get some meds & lots of IV fluids. To give you an idea of how ill I was, I weighed 10 pounds less on Wednesday than I did on Monday. Yikes. Of course though, as soon as I was able to eat again over the weekend, things evened out, and I ended up being only 5 down this Monday from where I was last Monday. That's a much healthier loss than 10 pounds, let me tell you.

After a delightful Valentine's Day, I started feeling sick AGAIN, only with head/chest congestion. Monday I went to work miserable, and decided I needed to take a day off to rest & get well. I work at a hospital (for now--more on that later), and every time I get sick, I end up getting 2 or 3 illnesses out of the deal... I have to come back to work before my immune system is totally better, and then I'm around infectious disease for 8 hours.... not the best environment. But, thankfully, in one week I will no longer be here!

That's right, after quite a search in a horrible job market, I landed a new job! I'll be working in case management at a small mental health center in the next town over. It's actually my hometown, so it's funny that I should end up with a job there! The pay is slightly better, but overall it will be a really great career move and a step in the right direction. I've been at such a lull with everythign in my life, because of this current job, for so long! It's been dragging me down, and I'm ready to be done with it!

I also don't have to be at work until 9am (instead of my current 7am), so the chance is there that I could get in a workout before work in the mornings. I would really like to get back into the swing of working out because I know I will feel better if I do so. Maybe I should take FB's idea and get off my lazy butt for Lent. We'll see.


Heather said...

wow, that sucks! I hope you are feeling better, and congrats on the new job!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new job, that is so exciting! It must be great to have a job in your field... I'm still working on that for myself. :)

I'm sorry you've been so sick lately. I've been in a similar situation myself, I had a bronchitis-like situation when I was on vacation a couple weeks ago, then as soon as we got back I got an awful sinus infection. It is no fun.

Hanlie said...

Oh dear! I hope you get better soon! Remember, fruit and veggies are not only great for weight loss, but they boost the immune system.

Congratulations on the new job. I hope you'll be happy there!

Lyn said...

Teale! Chick! You have got to come back. I miss you!

Anonymous said...

hope you're all better!

Lyn said...

Pssst... miss ya :)