Monday, January 4, 2010

Goals for 2010.

Well, in all their glory, here is my list of goals for 2010.

1. Crochet stuffed elephant (I crochet, but have never attempted those cute little stuffed animals... this year I've picked 3 patterns I'd like to do!)
2. Crochet stuffed giraffe
3. Crochet stuffed ladybug
4. Learn to crochet socks
5. Post to my Teale's Meals blog at least once a week
6. Be able to use my scale by March (I am over the weight limit for it now, so I want to be under that limit by March)
7. Get back into the 200s by December 31, 2010
8. Cancel gym membership (haven't used it in a year, plus we moved... yes, this seems counter-productive to goals 6 & 7, but it is what it is.)
9. Volunteer at least 20 hours
10. Find 25 letterboxes (see if you don't know what this is)
11. Read 50 books, including: Her Fearful Symmetry, 3 more Stephanie Plum books, 1 Kristin Hannah book, It Sucked & Then I Cried, 1 Chelsea Handler book, and 1 David Sedaris book
12. Only eat breakfast out once per week
13. Other meals out limited to twice per week
14. Get a cheaper cell phone plan
15. Do rennovations to our house, including: new windows, new toilet, new fixtures in the bathroom & hallway, privacy fence, sliding glass door, patch hole behind bathroom door & put a door stop in, figure out our outside lights (we have outside lights that we don't know how to control...)
16. Grow my nails out & paint them once a week (this is a big deal for me because I am a huge nail biter!)
17. Join a club of some sort (book club, crochet group, something...)
18. Learn to knit something
19. Organize and fully unpack our house
20. Meet my sister Christina (I have 4 siblings that were adopted out of the family when they were young. One of those sisters found me in December & we've been emailing. she lives about 2 hours away. I hope to meet her this year!)

So, there you have it! I'm confident that I can accomplish most, if not all, of these this year!

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Stacy Light Mygatt said...

You can totally do it!
I've been off my path too. So, now that you've reconnected, maybe I'll join with you! Except I cannot crochet and I chicken out when it comes time to go out and FIND the letterboxes!! ha ah