Friday, February 19, 2010

Love Sweet Love

A few years ago, I found this picture of my parents, from the 1950s, when they were newlyweds:

I love seeing how happy they are in this picture & how they're laughing like they know a secret that noone else knows. When I found the picture, I remember thinking that I hope I have someone one day that I can look like that with.

A couple days ago, when looking through archived pictures on Eddie's phone, we found a picture of ourselves. It must have been one of our very first pictures together, which would have put it at about 2 years ago, as Sunday will be our 2-year "dating" anniversary (and Monday our 6 months of marriage-aversary!). I don't remember this picture being taken, nor do I ever really remember seeing it... but I love it. And it makes me think of my parents up there. It's a picture that years from now I know I'm going to look at & think "Man, we have always been so happy together!"


Jennifer said...

aww...I love that picture of your parents! Such a neat one to have! And you and Eddie just look so happy :-) It truly shows in your smiling faces!

Made To Shine said...

There's so much happiness in both those photos. How beautiful!

Erin R said...

Very sweet!