Tuesday, December 4, 2007

As Expected

Well, I went for my WI tonight. I knew it wouldn't be good. I've had 2 straight weeks of being mostly off-plan. Last week's gain was small, so I figured I'd pay for it eventually. I also switched from a morning WI to a night WI which does make a difference (although I reaped the benefits of the difference when I went from PM to AM!).

It was bad.

I was up 4 pounds.

The reasons I was up 4 pounds are:
--I haven't eaten healthy foods
--I haven't journaled
--I haven't been drinking my water
--I haven't exercised

You get the idea. I am taking full responsibility for my gain. And you know, considering I've gained almost 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks, and my goal is to LOSE weight, it's time to get back on that horse!

Today my eating has been much better. I could improve certain things, but it's been a great change from the past couple weeks.

Breakfast: milk & WW muffin
Snack: mini-croissant w/preserves
Lunch: chicken quesadilla w/lettuce, sour cream & guacamole
Snack: chex mix & animal crackers
Dinner: 2 tacos & WW dessert

I've had about 5 glasses of water today, big improvement from ZERO!

So now I'm sitting watching the biggest loser for some motivation & I'm about to catch up on ALL of your blogs once this is posted. I fear that some of you may have ditched me since I've been such a bad blog buddy. Or maybe some of you are just MIA recently too... who knows!

Keep up the good work, everyone!



Nicole's up for elimination?! NO!!!!

Heather said...

well I know it must seem like a lot to you, but you can easily get that off! The way you drop weigh, I bet you will have that gone in a week or 2.

its good you realize why you gained weight and have full accountability. I cant stand it when someone eats like crap and then says, I cant believe I gained weight!

Glad you are back on track and now you will be able to stop the gains and continue the losses.

Twix said...

Bl was interesting tonight. I was sad to see Nicole go.

That extra gain will come back off in no time! :D

Dee said...

You owned up to your actions - well done for going to the meeting and on the scale. You've already gotten back on track and that's all that matters. Keep going Teale, you're doing great!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Glad you're on plan again. I just got back on after too much of a detour. I've REGAINED. Sigh.

But, hey, new day, new hope, second wind.

The Princess

Princess Dieter said...

BTW, just changing a WI from AM to PM can cause a 4 or more lb jump, just cause there's all this FOOD in the system from teh day's meals.

That's why I only like to weigh-in naked and on one scale--at home, for my records. When I did WW with evening weigh-ins, the weight would be all over the place cause I might have eaten light or heavy that day. Hate evening WIs. Urgh.

Had to come back and add that. hahahah

Fat Girl Diaries said...

It may seem like you're getting behind in your weight loss, but you have to have setbacks to help remind yourself sometimes.