Sunday, December 23, 2007

Shall we compare?

Friday night I was invited to go ice skating. I have been ice skating once in my life, and I was about 9... certainly smaller than I am these days. I was actually quite unsure if I would be physically able to sustain trips around and around the rink. It's quite a vigorous exercise! I also had no clue how I would actually WALK in the skates, as I saw skinny people struggling with their balance & trying not to roll their ankles. I thought what the hell though... I certainly wouldn't know if I could do it or not unless I tried.

I got all decked out in a cute little festive outfit and decided it was a "pretty" night, so I took a self-portrait. Seeing a picture of yourself where you think "wow, that person is pretty" is certainly a self-esteem boost! And I needed that before my adventures in ice skating.

I get my skates & go to lace them up & am reminded why I do not use my rollerblades: fat ankles/calves. I can't wear my rollerblades b/c they are too tight on my lower calf & it's very painful... I was worried that my skates would be similarly painful, but I adjusted things and we seemed to be good to go. We get out on the ice, and it was so terrifying! I was worried that the first step out there I'd fall on my booty. It took some getting used to, but I did it! I took a break from time to time... and it was a good hour before I even fell:) The first fall was no big deal... I knew I was going to fall before it even happened, and I laughed about it quite a bit. I noticed while I was out there that I was in fact the largest person on the ice... but the fact of the matter was, I was on the ice!

It was about time to go, and I was heading towards the exit from the ice... I was going at quite a pace, when suddenly my feet flew out from under me and I fell HARD on my tailbone... all 288 pounds, BAM! Pain shot down my legs & up my back & I knew that was gonna hurt in the morning! Unfortunately it's been about 48 hours & I'm still in excrutiating pain whenever I sit or move a certain way. I probably bruised my tailbone (if that's possible?) and it's gonna be sore for awhile. I don't care though. I did something I didn't think I could do!

And now for the comparison that I mentioned in my title... I wanted to post the cute picture of me from Friday night & compare it to an old picture of me... about 40 pounds heavier.



Chubby Chick said...

Good for you for going ice skating! I'm glad you had such a great time. Sorry you fell! I hope the pain's gone soon!

And you look so cute! Your weight loss is extremely noticeable! You are SO pretty!!! :)

Leslie said...

GOod for you!! Reminds me of my *I went curling* post!! I was terrified of being the biggest person there (I was) and making a fool of myself (I didn't) - I loved it!

And you look very pretty in your picture... totally notice the difference - LOVE when I feel pretty and have a picture to prove it... and weirdly almost all of them are self-portraits.. always hate how I turn out in other people's pictures :)

Lynn said...

Oh Teale, you look amazing girl!!!! Congrats on your success so far, keep up the awesome work!!!

Happy Holidays!

Just Me said...

stumbled upon your blog....dont know how.
but anyway, love the picture of you! i have seen your progress pictures, but they haven't done justice to your beautiful eyes! they are amazing!!!

and HUGE NSV!! 1. going ice skating and most importantly, 2. thinking you look pretty/hot (Which you do in that pic!!!).

Anonymous said...

Teale, this is your neighbor, Debora. Hi! You look amazing! Congratulations!

I need for you to email me as soon as you can. I need my parking space ASAP because I'm buying a car tomorrow.

Let me know when you two will be back in town, okay?

Bev said...

WOW! So amazing how you can see the difference in your face alone from the loss! You look great!

Kathy said...

Teale...what a beautiful name...I love it. I think the note from your neighbor is so funny!!! Congrats on the ice're brave and it will be so good for you.

Amy said...

i broke my tailbone once and it was 6 months before i was back to normal! i hope that's not what happened! congratulations on your successful weight loss! you're looking terrific! best wishes for your continued success!

Heather said...

that is fantastic! you look great, and I think its so wonderful you went out and did something that you hadnt done in a long time. dont let your weight hold you back any more (and theres becoming less and less to hold you back!!).

Once Upon A Dieter said...

YOu do look so so so cute! Your hair color and the blueness of your eyes are a wonderful combination.

The difference is undeniable.

Keep going, girl, keep going!

The Princess

ladyshanny said...

Look at how beautiful you are! Your eyes!

I noticed that when I started to lose weight too, that my eyes suddenly became more visible in pictures.


(that's it for me commenting for today...I really, REALLY need to go get ready to go out or I'm going to be late, late, LATE!)