Friday, January 14, 2011

Workin' It

I spent the last week fully devoted to being on plan with the new WW program.  I stayed within my daily/weekly points, but I just wasn't confident come weigh-in day.  Usually I know if I've had a good or bad week.  If I've stuck to the program, I know I'll lose weight... if I've not stuck to it, it's likely that if I lost, it's not much, or perhaps I've even gained.  This week though, the equation didn't work out in my head.  I followed the program.  Which should mean I knew I'd lose weight... but I just wasn't so sure.

Eddie and I both were having issues with the amount of points we were given... we'd find ourselves with 20 or more extra points in the evening after dinner, but we didn't want to eat just to eat!  We were actually having a hard time eating all our points!  We certainly weren't feeling deprived... in fact, several nights we had treats, just as long as we had the points for them... one night we had wings for dinner, one night we had pizza, and one night we got ice cream.  I think that's why I felt skeptical--we were staying w/in our points, but we still were indulging from time to time.

But all my worry was for nothing.  The program works, even when you doubt it... if you follow it, you will lose weight.  Bottom line.

8.4 pounds for me, 10.2 pounds for Eddie.

We ROCKED this new program this week!  Granted, as we lose weight and our daily points values go down, we won't be able to indulge like this, but it's great to be able to take baby steps to go from our old lifestyle to a newer, healthy one.  Right now, we dont' have to totally give up those treats, but as we lose, the treats will become less and less... it's just nice that it gets to be gradual, so we don't feel deprived. 

We've also been going to the gym.  Five days we exercised last week, which was more activity than we'd probably had in the previous year!  It feels good to be doing something for ourselves & putting ourselves first!  I was talking to Eddie this morning about how it's as much of a mental journey as it is a physical journey.  Sometimes when good things happen, you get it in your head that it has to be "too good to be true".  And sometimes, that really is how things are... but when it comes to following the program & losing weight... as long as you put in the work, you'll reap the rewards.  So while it may seem "too good to be true" that we lost a combined 18+ pounds last week, the fact is that we earned those pounds and we worked hard to shed them from our bodies.  As long as we continue to do that, it will never be too good to be true, because we earned it & we should be proud!

Goals for this week are going to be to continue our exercise routine (we're going to the pool after work today!) and to spread our points out a little more.  Last week we found ourselves with extra points in the evening, so this week we're going to try to boost our breakfasts & lunches a little more so we won't be tempted to get those "treats" as much in the evening.  It's great to feel confident about our journey.  I should remember this day in the future if I'm feeling down or discouraged... I am capable of doing well, I just have to put in the work to earn it.


Chubby McGee said...

Wonderful job, guys! Great work! Super proud of you. And you're so right, if you follow the plan then you shouldn't have any issues. So cool! :)

Biz said...

Wow, great job for you both! I use all my points too - love it!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

thats awesome!!! keep up the good work teale and eddie!! remember that its one day at a time!!