Tuesday, February 12, 2008


So by some miracle or act of God, I lost weight this week. This week was worse than last week, food-wise. I mean literally, HORRIBLE. The past three days I was on track though... which is funny, because I say the whole week was horrible, and yet 3 of 7 days I was on track. Only FOUR days were horrible I guess. Still though, it was totally out of control. Saturday I ate all three meals out. And not even healthy meals. Crappy as they get meals.

I made it to the gym once this week. Better than none, right?

So tonight at my meeting I lost 0.8 pounds. It's coming off, tiny bit by tiny bit. I have been in the -40s for WEEKS. I'm ready to get over that hurdle! I can't even call this a "plateau" because the truth of the matter is, it's not a plateau when you're just being lazy. It's called "bad habits". And that's what I fell right back into this past week. But this is a new week & I'm rarin' to go!

I didn't stay for the meeting tonight. I was having dinner with someone so I needed to shower for that, plus my leader was gone so it was a different woman & I didn't care for her the last time I went to one of her meetings. This week was a monumental week though, it marked my 26th week on WW. That's half a year. And that's 26 weeks STRAIGHT. I haven't missed a single week this entire time. I think that's awesome. I was bummed my leader wasn't there to see that, but I'll tell her about it next week.

*sidenote* for those that asked, my coat is from Yohnker's (Bergner's/Carson's) and I got it in Iowa! It was on sale for $100 from $250. The only thing though, it's not the warmest coat I've had... but it's for sure the cutest!


HappyBlogChick said...

Congrats on your surprise loss!

I love that you recognize that the plateau isn't a mysterious thing, it's a result, and if you want different results then you need different behavior. With you rarin' to go on this new week, you'll be back out of those bad habits and seeing a loss! Good for you!

And happy 26th weekaversary.

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Wow, you sound really psyched to get back on the wagon. Good for you!

Glad to see you update and to hear more "life" in your posting tone. I like dat.

And congrats on the faithful meeting attendance. I never made it 26 weeks straight. I skipped a lot. But I'm not a meeting sort of gal...

The Princess

Anonymous said...

I am so pleased that you're back on track! And attending 26 weeks in a row is amazing! Good for you for being so committed!

Heather said...

teale your new blog layout is adorable. and congrats on 26 weeks! :)

Chubby Chick said...

Congrats on another loss, AND on your 26 week WW streak! That is fantastic! You are truly an inspiration.

And I love your new layout!

Lidian said...

Hi Teale, that's wonderful, a WW anniversary and a loss too! Well done!

Heather said...

im glad you had a loss! you will get there. no one said it was easy. and hey, one day to the gym is better than no days. just focus on your eating and you will slowly ease yourself back into it as a routine.