Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My CVS Deals 8/24-8/30

Transaction #1

2 Colgate Max BOGO ($3.29/2)

1 Playtex Sport ($4.99)

1 3pk CVS paper towels ($1.99)


$2/$10 printable CVS coupon (-$2.00)

(2) $1.50/1 Colgate printable coupons (-$3.00)

$1.00 Playtex Sport printable coupon (-$1.00)

$1.00 CVS paper towels from magic coupon machine (-$1.00)

$2.00 ECB (-$2.00)

Total OOP: $1.45

Earned: $3 ECBs

Total Saved: $12.29

Transaction #2

1 Kotex Light Days ($1.49)


$1.00/1 Kotex product (-$1.00)

Total OOP: $.61

Earned: $1.49 ECB

Total Saved: $1.00

Total Spent This Week @ CVS: $2.06

Total ECBs Earned This Week: $4.49

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Anonymous said...

Wow!! That is impressive!! Great deals!

Twix said...

I have been looking at how this is done and I found it confusing. Thanks for showing what you have been doing but I am still How come you only got 3ecb's the first go around? Shouldn't you have gotten the full price of the item like you did in the second go around? What am I missing? Essentially you spent $2.11 and earned $4.49 in ecb with a difference of $2.38(total earnings right?). I would liek to know more fo what you are doing with this program as I have been intrigued with it for a while but just not sure how it's supposed to work. Or what to do with all the stuff you buy. Mainly because I don't use a lot of that stuff. It looks neat! Since I don't ever shop there, do they sell food stuff?