Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Walmart Savings 8/24-8/30

Items purchased:

4 pk Angel Soft toilet paper

1 Just Bunches cereal

2 Glade plug-in refills

2 Oust sprays

2 Glade sprays

2 Rimmel Eyeshadows

1 Ronzoni pasta

1 Crisco EVOO

1/2 gal FF milk

4 Yoplait yogurts

1 Sara Lee bread

1 Cat Litter

I used coupons on just about every item, except I stacked my 2 oust coupons wrong (had 1 BOGO q & one $2/2 q) so I missed out on $2 savings... live and learn...

My total before coupons was $42 and some change.

I paid OOP: $25.91

1 comment:

Twix said...

The only thing that would concern me is the BOGO. As far as I know Walmart doesn't honor those or double coupons. Or atleast in my neck of the woods they have a huge sign out specifically stating that. And another I know that helps with their prices is using competitor adds! :D