Monday, September 15, 2008

CVS Deals 9/15/08

So you know you're a cheapskate when you debate with the cashier over a dollar... Here's what happened: I wanted to get the Aleve D ecbs this week... well, that has to be purchased in the pharmacy b/c it's behind the counter. Apparently the pharmacy techs aren't as well-versed in the CVS-ing as the regular cashiers are... First the tech tried to tell me that the Aleve was $10.99, and I had to tell her "no, it's on sale for $3.99". Then she tells me I can't use my BOGO Glade coupon b/c the product is on sale... which I knew wasn't accurate, so she finally rang it thru. Then she rings everything up, and tells me that my total is $10-something... when I knew it should have been $1.85+tax. So finally that gets sorted out. Then I'm on my way out & notice my $3 Aleve ECBs weren't on my receipt... so I looked, and she gave me the 20 ct Aleve D instead of the 10 ct. They ring up for the same price, but the 20 ct doesn't give you the ecb deal... so I had to make a return... it should have been an even exchange, but due to them having to do a return & then ring up the aleve again, I ended up getting jipped by $1. I tried pleading my case, but was getting nowhere, and the pharmacy was busy, so I just sucked it up & paid the extra buck... I still did good for only spending $3.05 this week... here's what I got:

So it's a little blurry b/c it was taken with my phone, but you get the idea! Here are my transactions:

Transaction #1

Aleve D (20 ct in error): $3.99

Excedrin $3.99

2 Glade Sprays @ $.99: $1.98

Powerade: $.88

Total: $10.84

Use $2/$10 CVS coupon from magic coupon machine

$1/1 Aleve coupon

$2/1 Excedrin coupon (cashier didn't notice this was for the wrong Excedrin product... but it scanned!)

BOGO glade coupon

Use $3 ECB from last week

Total OOP: $1.85 + tax = $2.00 (Earn $3.99 ECB & then noticed I didn't earn $3 ECB for Aleve...)

Transaction #2

Had to return the 20 ct Aleve D b/c what I really needed was the 10 ct. They returned $2.02 to me as the adjusted cost with coupons

Transaction #3

I then got the correct Aleve. There was a $1 off coupon taped to the box, which he scanned then never removed, so at least I got an extra coupon outta the deal...

Aleve D 10 ct: $3.99 (earn $3 ECBs)

Total: $3.99

Use $1/1 Aleve coupon

Total OOP: $3.03 & Earn $3 ECB (after the fact I realized I had $2 ECB that I could have used for this transaction, but was so flustered that I forgot!)

Transaction #4

Lipton 100 ct: $3

30 oz Mayo: $3

2 Skippy Peanut Butter & 1 Ragu pasta sauce: 3/$5

Total: $11.00

Use $2/$10 CVS printable

Use $.50/1 Lipton coupon

Use $.50/1 Mayo coupon

Use $1/2 Skippy coupon

Use $3 & $3.99 ECBs from earlier transactions

Total OOP: $0.01 + tax = $0.04 (earn $3 ECBs)

Started the week with $5 ECBs, Ended the week with $5 ECBs. Spent $3.05 OOP this week.


Scale Junkie said...

I would have returned the whole thing and made her start over :) but I'm evil like that.

Great deals! I didn't find anything to buy this week, I'm hoping next week is better because I have $6.99 in extra bucks just burning a hole in my wallet!

CVS pharm tech said...

What you are doing is against store policy, so be glad you are getting away with this scam at all.