Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Doing well

I had a pretty successful first week back in the saddle. Tomorrow is my WI day, and as of today, I am down quite a bit. That will be skewed a bit though by the fact that I have been really sick the past few days. I went to the doctor & she said I have severe tonsillitis, and along with that, the infection has spread in my mouth and it is FULL of horrible, painful, wouldn't-wish-them-on-my-enemy canker sores. I literally probably have 30 of them between the 2 dozen or so that are on my tongue, a couple inside my lips, several on my cheeks, and several on the roof of my mouth. The pain is HORRIBLE, which makes eating, drinking, or talking damn near impossible. I have missed 2 days of work b/c of my sickness, and I am probably going to miss a 3rd tomorrow. A good portion of my job requires talking to patients, and as it is, I can't even communicate effectively for a few seconds w/o terrible pain, so doing it for the better part of my day is just not happening. I've been really trying to push fluids, but it is definately a struggle. I am STARVING, but am totally unable to eat anything. All I've had today is a vanilla milkshake. And while I realize that's not the healthiest thing I could have eaten, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! Yesterday I was able to eat some soup, but today that's about impossible. The broth burns from the salt (even watered way down), and even over-cooking the noodles to make them softer is impossible for me to chew. I've tried yogurt & pudding, but they both burned my sores... so, now I'm sipping on some warm tea.

This weekend Eddie & I did really well. Weekends are tough for us & we usually eat out probably at least 3 times. My goal for us this weekend was to only eat out once, and with the exception of a banana shake on Sunday (since I was sick & couldn't eat solid stuff by that point), we stuck to it! Here's to another good week (and fingers crossed that the brown team goes away on the BL, they irritated the shit out of me!)


Heather said...

ouuchh! that sounds so painful. I hope you feel better soon. congrats on a successful week!

Lyn said...

omg that sounds HORRIBLE!! Get well soon!