Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Healthy on a budget

Well folks, today was day one (again) back on the wagon that has thrown me off time & time again... My goal for this week was no fast food & no non-diet pop. Today went pretty well. Breakfast was yogurt w/granola, snack was a fiber one bar, lunch was a smart ones, dinner was 6 chicken "fries" and a big salad, and after dinner dessert was chocolate ice cream (it was the last of it in the house, thankfully!)

I went grocery shopping today. In the past when I've done WW and tried to eat healthy, I cringed every time I had to go to the store b/c I was always spending at least $75 every 2 weeks on groceries. Today though, today was different! I shopped all the store ads, then decided I was going to mainly go to walmart (a rarity lately, actually) and make a quick stop by meijer afterwards. I planned my meals for the next couple weeks based on what I had at home and what I had coupons for. I decided my budget would be $35.

And here's how I did:
3 packages of Birds Eye steamers veggies $1.25 each ($1/3 coupon)
Progresso chicken broth (found this on the clearance shelf) $1.20 ($1.25/1 coupon=free!)
Minute Rice $1.92 ($.40 coupon)
3 Lean Cuisines @ $1.88 each ($1.50/3 coupon)
Special K bars $2.50 ($1 coupon)
3 cans Veg All canned veggies (also found on the clearance shelf) $.50/can ($1/3 coupon)
Simply Harvest light soup 2 cans @ $1.25/can ($1/2 coupon)
Can Hormel chicken $1.43 ($.35 coupon)
Pillsbury pizza crust $2.16 ($1.10 coupon)
Pillsbury crescent rolls $1.26 ($1 coupon)
Arm & Hammer cat litter $5.96 ($1 coupon)
Purina cat chow $4.18 ($4 coupon)
Amish noodles $1.16
Flour tortillas $1.14
FF turkey lunchmeat $3.00
Skim milk $1.82
Bananas $.92
TOTAL: $29.62

Kraft mac & cheese buy 3 get 3 free @ $.74/box
Bread $1.29
Dole salad mix BOGO @ $1.99/bag
Tyson chicken strips $2.50 ($1 coupon)
TOTAL: $7.08

GRAND TOTAL: $36.70 ($1.70 over budget)

I went in with a grocery list, and I ended up having to make some modifications to it b/c they didn't have some things on my list, and I forgot to put some essentials (like milk) on there. I think that $36 for 2 weeks of groceries, INCLUDING cat food & litter, is pretty damn good! I'm proud! Planning pays off!


Once Upon A Dieter said...

Wow, you got a good haul for the moolah!

I totally suck and frugal shopping. But the economy is SCARY, so I better learn some lessons fast!

The P

MizFit said...


I need to reign in the spending at the grocery---I TELL MYSELF that I may save money later in life by eating healthy (read: pricey) now but it's all a lazy excuse.

thanks for the virtual kick in the arse.


Heather said...

wow you did great! I think I spend about $65 a week and it definitely is rough. I wish I had a walmart or target by me and I figure what I would spend in gas to go to one would be worth anything I would save.

Carleen said...

Amazing purchases !!! your prices are more reasonable then up here in Canada- the cheapest lean cuisines we get here ar 2.89!!
Good on yay for finding the deals- planning smart will help!!

Keep at it :)