Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Good morning!

I'm going to try to start being more diligent with my blog, but that also means being more diligent with reading & commenting others too! I will do my best!

The Bell's Palsy is still there... no telling when it will fade away. I'm hoping by the end of the month! Eddie and I have a wedding to go to in early November, and I would love to not be palsied for that! Here is a picture of what I look like... this is me smiling. You can see how one side just doesn't work!

It's ok, you can laugh... I look kinda like a pirate. LOL

This weekend (before the palsy set in), Eddie and I went to the pumpkin patch & had some fun at the Halloween store. I don't have the pumpkin patch pics on this computer, but here's one of us having some fun w/the Halloween items at the costume store!

In other news, I did some CVS-ing for the first time in a couple weeks. I had used up almost all of my ECBs when I was sick & needed meds, but was broke as a joke... so I was pretty much starting from scratch, with only $1 ECB. I needed toilet paper, then there was also a good Swiffer deal where starter packs were on sale for about $7 & I had a $5 coupon, then I also had a coupon for buy 1 starter pack, get diff starter pack free. On top of that, they had an ECB deal with it, where if you spend $10 in Swiffer-ness, you get $5 ECB back. Then of course there are always toothpaste deals. On sale for $3, I had 2 coupons I could use (manf & CVS), saving me $2, and I earned $2 ECBs. All in all, I got those 4 items for $6-something & tax, making it $8 something, and I earned $7 ECBs. Not too bad, and it got my stash built up a little! I also joined some kind of CVS feedback group that will randomly send you surveys, in exchange for ECBs if you qualify. I qualified for one that's coming up this weekend & I'll earn $10 ECBs for it. I'll take it!

I weighed this morning, and as expected was up just a bit. But, it is what it is, and I'm not worried at all about it. I am on my 2nd round of steroids in 2 weeks, and I'm due to get my period this weekend. Usually I'm bloated during my period, rather than before though, so this probably has nothing to do with Flo.

Starting Weight: 321.8
Current Weight: 308.4
Total Lost: 13.4

So, a little over a pound gain... no biggie!

Watched The Biggest Loser last night & actually participated in the live blog chat over on Krissie's blog since FB was out of town. Usually I read FB's summaries (even though I watch the show, her narration of it is great!) and catch up on everyone's comments then... I don't know why I don't participate, I sit there watching the show w/my laptop on my lap anyway, doing other stuff. Colleen is by far my favorite this season. I thought she was a knockout when she came to the show, but she just keeps getting hotter! She will definately be one hell of a bombshell come the finale... and her cute Daddy will have to beat the boys off with sticks! Brown (the Poop Troop) isn't irritating me this week as much as they have in the past... maybe b/c Brady kicked some serious tail on the day-long hike... he ran over 20 miles! That is just freaking amazing. If he keeps his mouth shut he's pretty good looking too. Just keep your mouth shut, Brady... and tell your wife to do the same! Oh goodness, and someone else I wanted to put a sock in it last night was Heba. Maybe it's b/c we are somewhat similar in personality (like to take control, enjoy the center of attention, LOL)... but if I had to hear her wine about how her husband went home ONE MORE TIME, I was going to scream. Colleen's dad went home, and she didnt turn into Miss Whiny Pants, bringing it up at every turn. She just turned that sadness into energy to kick some serious booty... and Heba needs to do the same! Anyway, enough BL banter...

Hope everyone is doing well with whatever is going on in their lives right now... update me, let me know whats new with you since I haven't been a good blogging buddy/reader/commenter lately!


Lyn said...

Teale!! I am SO glad to see you back and posting! Thanks for coming and catching up on my blog. I've been swamped. I have a bit of a medical issue I am dealing with with my daughter and we *might* be leaving town in a few hours. Either way I will get back to blogging soon.

Hey how about we both drop some big pounds this week? Biggest Loser style. Make your BF run up hills with you :)

Hugs, I missed you!

Twix said...

Hey Teale!! :D

Sorry to hear about the palsy..bleh. I don't think you look like a pirate. ;-) I can tell what those icky steriods are doing to ya though. So puffy, double bleh. That's what they do to me too and my oldest. I hope I don't catch this ick that is going around in these parts of the woods. My grandma has had it for 4 weeks. I have heard others saying the same. Makes me want to stay inside and hibernate!! Get to feeling much better real soon!

I agree Colleen is going to look fantastic. Fantastic, fantastic! I hope she is able to remain on the show till the end. Heba is kicking the weight off and looks like to be a big contender. Hopeful her mouth won't get the best of her! I hadn't been watching much BL this season so I was pleasantly surprised last night to see who was left. Go Colleen!!

Me? Umm not been up to, to much. Staying busy around home and trying to kick up the fitness a notch. No weight loss yet to report on.

Isn't this weather in central IL nice! Great walking weather!! ime for a hike! :D

Heather said...

that is such a funny pic of you and eddie! love it! dont worry about being up, you have still lost weight and you know that TOM and steroids is never a good combination for the scale.

Holly said...

Aww I'm sorry to hear about the Bell's Palsy.. my uncle had it last year and it lasted about 6 months. NOT what you want to hear I know and I'm sure it will clear up much faster for you!!

Hanlie said...

I'm sorry to hear about yor Bell's Palsy. Hope it clears up soon! I must say, I would have panicked when I woke up and found that I couldn't move a part of my face!