Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How's Life?

Well, my palsy is finally almost 100% improved! I am probably the only one that would notice I'm not completely back to normal, and I'll take it!

The past couple weeks have been crappy as far as food goes. Steroids, in combination w/a period from hell has resulted in a gain of about 5 pounds or so. And let me tell you, I feel bloated as HELL after 2 rounds of steroids! My face is so puffy it's not even funny!

So when I started this blog, I didn't stop to think about the fact that if you simply google my first name, Teale, with as rare as it is, my blog is one of the first things that pop up... and that means that family & friends can have access to this with pretty minimal searching. It's not that I have things to hide from friends & family, but it does make me apply a bit of a filter to know that people who know me IRL could read about things that potentially I don't want RL people to know about. It also means that things I write in here could be gossiped to other family members and/or my parents. This doesn't apply to those that I KNOW read my blog (Melissa, Amy), but to those who are laying low under the radar. So, to the few readers that are still around & have commented that they wonder what I'm up to lately and want some more personal posts... this is why they've been few & far between.


Heather said...

glad to hear things are back to normal and youre feeling better. I know that gain will be gone as soon as all the meds are out of your system and it can regulate itself again, and tom is long gone.

Lyn said...

Hey I am glad your smile is back to normal :)

You probably already know this but you can make your blog open by invitation only if you want. Only if I am invited, of course :)

I enjoyed your cow post the other day, BTW. I always read, even if I have a kid on my arm and can't comment!

Hanlie said...

Happy to hear you are better! Please tell us more about your name - it's so pretty!

Lyn said...

omg, *putting on dunce hat*

That was Chubby Chick with the cow post!! You were probably going WTH is she talking about, cow post???

See that's what I get for going around reading blogs and thinking I will go back and comment later. Ugh, sorry!

At least I didn't go over there telling her I am glad her smile is normal again eh??

Scale Junkie said...

So happy to hear you're feeling better. I didn't realize Teale was your name, its beautiful!


So, um, how did I miss the comment you wrote on my blog in response to Krissie's "husband" comment?! DUDE! I was skimming through the comments again tonight and when I got to that one I was like "HOLY CRAP! I didn't even acknowledge it!"

So exciting!!!

PS. Whorestooth.

Twix said...

Just dropping in to check on you and I hope you are doing ok! :D (((hugs)))