Wednesday, October 8, 2008


After a round of steroids and a week of bed rest, I am finally feeling better! Most folks blow up when they're on steroids, but the only 2 times I've been on them, I've been severely ill & have dropped more than 10 pounds in that week.

I'm down on the scale again, but thankfully with a more reasonable number. I'm down 2.6 from last week, which is putting me closer to the 200s again! Wahooo!

Starting Weight: 321.8
Current Weight: 307.2
Total Lost: 14.6 pounds


Heather said...

glad you are feeling better! congrats on your loss :)

Lauren said...

congratulations. that's awesome and glad you are doing better

Emily said...

Teale, I love your name by the way!

Thanks for the cute comment on my blog, it was so nice to hear from you.

Glad you are feeling better. I'm on the same boat, I tweaked my back this week and been on the couch for days. I hate being still for too long. I guess I am like a wind up doll!

I am so proud of your weight loss! I have about 3 other friends jumping on the weight loss train and doing quite well. One of them has a blog too, you might want to check it out?? It's called Diary of an ex-fat man.

The address is:

I am also a part of a blog that is dedicated to being healthy, you can check out that one too if you like:

Keep up the good work!