Thursday, March 11, 2010

One day at a time

Confession: I am one to get easily overwhelmed with the "big picture" and just let things go. It's true of my housekeeping abilities, my organizational skills, and myself. Of course everyone's heard of the Alcoholics Anonymous saying "One day at a time", and really, it's true. Instead of looking at the big picture (I have to stay sober my WHOLE LIFE) they look at one small snippet (I have to stay sober THIS DAY, or THIS HOUR, or THIS MINUTE). Yet knowing that doesn't make daunting tasks any easier. Knowing that I need to tackle my big obstacles one tiny bit at a time doesn't give me the extra push I need to actually DO one of those tiny tasks... and I don't know why.

I need to work on the baby steps to getting things done. I need to worry about organizing one room at a time (or even one SHELF at a time) in my house, rather than the huge task of organizing my whole house. And I need to worry about one POUND at a time when it comes to weight loss, instead of seeing that I need to lose the equivalent to another human being. But how to do that becomes the big question... obviously if I knew how (and stuck to it), I'd be there by now. I know that organizing the chaos that is my life isn't a destination... that it's an on-going routine of the same struggles. Once I get things in order, or clean my house, or lose my weight, the battle isn't over. It's really only just begun.

So, as they say... one day at a time.

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Jennifer said...

One day at a time is SO true. PROOF: Last week I was doing so well staying "on plan." I started to think about my weekend at home and could have hyperventilated lol. BUT I took it one day at a time and as soon as I got to my parent's house I went out and bought salad stuff - it was my back up plan all weekend (incase they were eating something I didn't want to.) AND I MADE IT! I did so well this weekend.