Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Special Present

One thing you should know about my husband--he's exceptionally thoughtful, but I wouldn't consider him crafty/creative by any means. He's a gift-giver, but he enjoys going out and selecting something that I'd like, while I am one to create something I think he'll love & give as a gift. So when he told me he was working on a "secret project" for me, I was stumped. Was he building me something? I couldn't figure out for the life of me what it could be. He worked for a couple hours out in the garage today & woke me from a nap to ask if I had any black construction paper. I thought what.the.heck??? I was wondering, is this going to be a gift that is going to be really thoughtful, but kind of elementary? I mean, come on, construction paper? What would have you thought? I didn't have construction paper, but I had a black sheet of foam for crafting. He said that would work. What the heck?

So imagine my surprise and delight when he came in and presented me with this:

It's a beautiful glass etching with my name & my favorite flower on it! It's for my desk at work! I may have him spray paint the wooden frame black or silver, but we'll see. I love it, and I can't believe that he created this! He got a new dremel & the instructions had several project pages, including a project for etched glass. This was his first try at it, and I think he did great. Especially considering his handwriting looks like a 2nd graders, I'm amazed at how well he did with the curves & stuff. His mom even likes it so much that SHE wants one!

What a thoughtful, sweet gift! Has your significant other ever created something for you that totally blew you away?

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Made To Shine said...

It's beautiful. You have a wonderful husband!