Friday, October 22, 2010

Playing catch-up

My time back on WW has been going pretty well.  I've had losses 3 weeks in a row, including a significant 4.8 pound loss this week!  This was a big deal for me this week, because it means I've made up a good portion of the weight I gained back over the summer when I went on my WW hiatus.  I still have a few more pounds to go to get to the point I had lost before, but I'm getting there.  Over the summer, I gained an embarrassing 17.6 pounds.  This means that when I went back to WW 3 weeks ago, I was at my all-time-ever-highest weight.  I weighed more than when I started the program back in May.  I was beyond embarrassed.  To see that +17.6 from my previous weigh-in til that day was tough.  But it was reality.  And in the past 3 weeks, I've gotten rid of 10 of those 17.6 pounds, so I am at least in "positive" territory as far as being below my starting weight from May.  It's good to get rid of that weight!

This week I also earned "The Snake" at my meeting.  Why we use a stuffed snake, I have no idea, but whoever loses the most weight each week gets this stuffed snake to take home with them to celebrate with all week.  I was the biggest loser this week, so I got the snake!  I put him on top the fridge looking down on me so that whenever I go to munch, I'll see that as a reminder that I did great this week & need to keep up the good work!


kmon784 said...

Congrats on your great week :)

Twix said...

Yes it is! It is good to get rid of those pounds! Happy! Happy!

I think where you put the snake is appropriate. Great idea! :)

Erin said...

You're doing great! That's so awesome you got the snake this time. :)

Biz said...

Wow, you are doing awesome!! Keep up the great work.

Love the idea of the snake too :D