Friday, January 9, 2009


Excuses.... we ALL have them.

I don't have time to go the gym.
Eating healthy is too expensive.
I don't have time to cook.
I forgot my lunch, so I have to eat out.
I screwed up at lunch, so the whole day is shot.

I am a problem-solver. It's just in my nature. So, I'm going to tackle these excuses one at a time in the next week or so and list solutions to them. Give me some of your excuses or problems that you had/have trouble overcoming in order to live a healthier lifestyle and what you did to tackle it (or if you haven't tackled it, that's ok!). If you don't address those problems & find answers, then nothing's ever going to change. Who knows, someone might just have an idea some of us have never heard of before!


Hanlie said...

One of my goals for this year is to get rid of the excuses mindset. I have found Tony's blog ( very helpful. He is just the nicest person you can imagine and he's lost over 200 pounds in less than a year without surgery. As you can imagine, excuses don't wash with him. He's really helping me keep it real this time around.

Erin and Barley said...

My excuses are that I'm too tired and that "I'll go tomorrow." I've been trying to tackle this by changing up my routine. I used to aim for 3 workouts a week. Now, I am trying to go to the gym every other day. This way, I can't "go tomorrow" because I know I get one day on and one day off. Period.