Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pot Roast

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The other day while grocery shopping, I saw a little recipe pamphlet in the soup aisle. It had 4 Campbell's recipes on there, including one for an easy pot roast. Now, let me just say that as a kid, I HATED pot roast. Well, I'm finding in adulthood, you have to try things that you think you hate one more time. Some things, you will still hate (raw celery=YUCK for me), but some things you might actually like! And this pot roast actually sounded GOOD! And it was!

The recipe said that the roast could cook on low for 8-9 hours, so I thought it would be perfect to cook while I was at work today. I didn't want to go through the trouble of cutting up all my veggies this morning, so I took care of it last night!

I used 6 red potatoes, quartered, about 2 dozen baby carrots, and 3 small yellow onions, quartered. I was worried that the potatoes might turn brown if they were just exposed to the air all night in the fridge, so I put water over my veggies & stored them in the fridge for the night.
This morning, all I had to do was wake up, drain the water off the veggies, pour in 1 packet of Lipton's onion soup mix, a can of cream of (what I thought was mushroom but was really) chicken soup, about 1/2 c. water (the recipe didn't call for this, but it seemed dry), and the meat.

This was my first time buying Chuck roast, so I really didn't know what I was doing. This one was more fatty than I prefer my meat to be, but my mom insisted that it would be the most tender. After it cooked, I could just separate the fatty meat & discard it. Soooo, I turned my crockpot on low, and off to work I went. About 8.5 hours later, I came home to this:

I turned my crockpot down to warm & a couple hours later I was ready to eat. It was so simple, and OH so tasty!!! I would definately cook this one again!


Krissie said...

I too hate celery. I think it is evil.

But the pot roast looks divine.

Erin and Barley said...

Wow, sounds really good! I want to try it, but lately I've been in the mood for lighter, cold meals since it's getting hot around here. I'm gonna save this though.

Lori said...

Sean makes that probably once a month for us. DE-licious!