Monday, January 12, 2009

One week under my belt

Just a quick note to say that I had a pretty successful first week. Last Monday I weighed 327.6 and this morning I weighed 321.2. The first week is always a big one for me, and this week did not disappoint. I still had a few indulgences, and I didn't feel cheated or hungry at all this week. I even have Eddie on board & he's doing so well!

I had another really good grocery week & got a ton of healthy stuff for only $22 at Meijer. I got the following:
2 smart ones
loaf of bread
bag of carrots
bag of red potatoes
bag of salad
5 bananas
1 pound grapes
2 bags frozen veggies
2 small boxes pizza rolls (ok, not everything was healthy, but they were free!)
chuck roast to make pot roast
Chex mix
Quaker rice snack cakes
8 light yogurts
4 mini betty crocker delights (gotta have treats once in awhile!)
pasta sauce

I shopped Meijer's 10/$10 & earn 1 item free sale, then I also had $5 in coupons. I was really pleased with the things I was able to get. I got some good snack items, a couple treats, stuff for a week's dinners, and good fruits & veggies. The biggest thing I do is sit down on Sunday, look at my local grocery ads, then plan my meals based on what's on sale. The past couple weeks I've gotten lucky & only had to go to one store b/c the deals were so good. On occasion I'll go to two.

Eating healthy on a budget IS possible, you just have to make it work. Flexibility is key!

Up next: Chicken Noodle Soup!

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Hanlie said...

Awesome loss! Well done! I hope you have another good week. It always helps when the significant other is on board, doesn't it?