Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekly Update

Just checking in w/a weekly update on my progress. This was another pretty good week for me. The weekend wasn't as on-plan as usual--we had fried chicken & movie popcorn... but, as long as I don't do that every weekend, I think it's OK. And I still showed a loss on the scale!

Starting Weight: 327.6
Previous Weight: 321.2
Current Weight: 318.0 (-3.2)
Total Lost in 2009: 9.6

In other news, Eddie and I donated blood this weekend. This was the first time for me, and as usual, my veins did not cooperate! What is normally a 10 minute process took about 45 on me. They tried one arm, but it wouldn't cooperate, so then they had to do the other. But hey, at least in the end I got some sweet pink tape to match my outfit! Eddie went with a more masculine yellow:)


Hanlie said...

Wow, you're doing great! I haven't donated blood in ages... I must really do it again!

Lori said...

congrats on losing 10 lbs!!!

Scale Junkie said...

YAY on 10 pounds!!

ps You two look adorable together!

Heather said...

congrats on another great week and losing 10 pounds!