Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My First Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Today I'm hosting my very first giveaway! My fear is that NOONE WILL ENTER! Hopefully that's not the case & this giveaway will appeal to a few of you & you'll humor me & enter:)

Today, I'll be giving away 25 Weight Watchers food coupons! See for yourself:

The winner will receive 5 sheets of coupons, totalling the following:
(5) Save $1 on any 5 WW yogurt cups
(5) Save $1 on any 1 WW cheese or cream cheese
(5) Save $0.55 on any 1 carton of WW frozen novelty products or 2 WW ice cream cups
(5) Save $0.50 on any 1 WW by Whitman's bagged chocolates
(5) Save $0.75 on any 1 Jolly Time Healthy Pop popcorn

You may enter in the following ways, leaving a separate comment for each:
1. Tell me your favorite low-calorie snack item. It doesn't have to be WW affiliated.
2. Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect (see the sidebar to follow!)
3. Subscribe to my blog via a feed reader, such as Google Reader
4. Follow me on Twitter (see sidebar)
5. Add me on Facebook (see sidebar)
6. Promote this giveaway on your blog or via your facebook & leave me a link showing me you did so!

Don't forget to leave your email address so I can contact you if you're the winner! You have until Friday, June 5 at noon (central time!) to enter. A winner will be chosen at that time & posted shortly after noon on Friday!

Good luck to everyone!

*Full disclosure: These coupons were given to me at my WW meeting. I was provided them by my leader for my personal use, and I'm choosing to gift them to one lucky reader!


brandi said...

My favorite low-calorie snack is 94% Fat Free Kettle Corn! It's my go to most evenings when I'm feeling "snacky".

brandi said...

I'm already a follower.

Cheryl said...

1. Baby carrots make me happy... then I learned that baby carrots are just regular carrots widdled down to nubbins. So now, regular carrots! And cucumbers. MMM I love cucumbers :)

Cheryl said...

I am now a follower!

Anini said...

I would enter but haven't seen any of these products in nearby grocery stores *pout* (I am a coupon-a-holic) ...so... they would just go to waste

To share anyway...My current fave snack is tomato and basil rice cakes (MMmm)

Anonymous said...

I like popcorn!! And the grasshopper 100 calorie packs when I need a chocolate fix!!
Rosa Salzman

Laura said...

My favorite low-calorie item is Oroweat Sandwich thins. I love that I can still have my bread with a burger or chicken, and at the same time get a serving of whole grains and fiber.

And I read and follow your blog all the time!

SG said...

hahaa! you think NO ONE would ENTER?? FREEEE stuff?? oh, you needn't worry :-) hmmmm...my favorite low cal snack is definitely 100 cal pop-smart popcorn. yummmmmy!

and also ARTICHOKES!

Anonymous said...

I actually just bought the WW cream cheese and love it!

Just found your blog - love how reading other comments on other blogs bring people together!

Not sure if you would be interested, but I am hosting a 101 days of summer challenge, it can be anything from running a 5k by Labor day, going down a dress size, whatever is personal to you.

Just email me if you want to be added - I'll add you to the participant list and blog roll if you are!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

My favorite it Vitatops from Vitalicious.com. They are the best 100 calorie snacks out there! Thanks!