Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I have had a really rough 2 months with WW. I haven't been following the plan very well... well, not at all. Last week though, I recommitted. No more eating out 1-2 times/day, no more sugary pop at lunch... back to healthy stuff!I had a really good week, I thought. It was definately the best week (by far) since probably January.

My weekend was a little rocky... I ate out a couple times and I didn't record my food on the weekend (but did really well during the week). All in all though, I expected a loss of a couple pounds. I figured even though I had a couple little slip-ups over the weekend, it was leaps & bounds better than I had been doing.

So imagine my surprise, disappointment, and frustration when I weighed in tonight & had GAINED 2.2 more pounds.I have always been one to own up to my actions. If I'm not following the plan, it's not going to work... and the past several weeks, I've gained because I haven't even attempted to follow the plan. This week though, it just doesn't make sense. I did so many things good & right. And I have NOTHING to show for it.

I have officially gained 15 pounds this year. So excuse my eye roll when I get really nice comments from you ladies telling me how good I look. I know you wouldn't say it if you didnt' think it, but the fact is, my fat ass is 15 pounds heavier. And THAT does not look good.

I know that it's gonna take hard work to take it back off, and it's not gonna come off overnight. I know that. I'm just upset by this week's results. This is the first week that I've actually, genuinely been surprised by the scale. Ugh.

Keep on keepin' on, I suppose.


Rose said...

You know this whole weight loss game is a challenge because the rules keep changing. You follow plan and gain, have some major slip ups and lose. At least for me. But, it could be anything hormones, salt, sleep, etc. So don't beat yourself up and remember that it's not always about the pounds, it's about the change in lifestyle and getting to a healthier you!

Just make this next week a stellar week, not so that you'll lose, so that you'll be healthier, and live longer, and if you lose... well then it's just a bonus

Ready Maid said...

And the good news is tomorrow is a new day. And with that, comes the opportunity to make new choices. And successive choices, made for the right reasons, eventually add up to new habits and new overall victories.

Celebrate your opportunity to point yourself in the right direction and get going! We'll be right there to cheer you on!

Heather said...

well I responded on your other blog so read that! you hang in there, I bet next week you see a loss.

Cammy said...

I'll never understand the scale. I think if you stay on plan and exercise, though, it eventually has to move the other direction. But I do understand your frustration.


Girl, I'm right ther with you on the lack of weight loss but you've start to recommit to losing -- don't lose that momentum now! You're taking steps in the right direction -- forget about the gain this week and just. keep. going.

Twix said...

You'll get there. Keep your chin up!! And I do think you look good...so shoot me (hee). :) I am positive things will look up for you sooner than you think. Keep going and keep staying focused!

HappyBlogChick said...

Ugh, I hate that! Wouldn't it be nice if the scale ALWAYS corresponded to our actions. So each day we're off plan we gain a quarter pound and each day we're on plan we lose a quarter pound ... it would be so much easier!

Unfortunately our bodies don't work that way. But the good news is that if you KEEP staying on plan, you WILL lose the weight. It is 100% do-able. Don't lose faith after one week of scale frustration. It stinks, but in time you'll see the numbers you want to see if you stay on plan.

Like you said, just keep on keepin' on.

I so empathize; we've all been there.

Lyn said...

I hate it when the scale betrays us! I think next week you will see a more dramatic loss though. It could be anything... hormones, water retention, but the important thing is that you aren't giving up! Keep it up Teale, we are rooting for you!

You'd be so pretty if... said...

Oh yea I'm right with you. I've managed to put on 8 of the 17 lbs I've lost so far. It makes me sad and disappointed, but hop back on the train, tomorrow is another day!

Girl on a Mission... said...

You can do these...we started our mission around the same time! Game on Girl- face forward...and go ahead thinking positively and stay focuse.
I believe in you!
Your dress, by the way, is beautiful...where did you get it?

Lauren said...

what a great and positive attitude. You can do it!

*ccc* said...


I know it's tough. So tough. But as while I've been struggling the past couple of months (gaining myself occasionally), one of the things I've had to do is sit down and be honest with myself. Am I really really being honest with my journal? Am I really exercising as hard as I can?

My trainer and I have had quite a few "come to Jesus" talks about it--and sometimes, yes, I've cheated myself. Sometimes it's a mystery. You recognize that some things haven't been up to par--it's up to you to change them.

And one thing I've discovered is that even the occasional treat--including a dinner out--can sabotage an entire week of hard work.

Unfair? Sure. Frustrating? No doubt. But to make this work--ME personally, since my body is struggling with losing the weight--I can't afford to take a meal off.

Look at what you're doing, look inside you, and you'll find the solutions. No doubt about it.

Hang in there!!!

Scale Junkie said...

I've struggled so much for the past four months, its so frustrating when you do everything right and gain. Just keep doing the right things and your body will catch up with you eventually.

Once Upon A Dieter said...

I've been sort of AWOL from my blog for a month, but I came back to see how you were doing. (BTW, thanks for the body shot pic of you and Eddie. Nice to see that great smile of yours.)

Look, it's been a rough time for you. You gained. 15 pounds regain IS frustrating and depressing. How could it not be?

But you know how you lost it. Following the WW plan/points. So, you know you can do it again: following the WW plan and points.

It's doable. We can all do it. It's just always gonna be damn hard. :(

I like the points system as it's easy to keep track, I find. But it is merciless. We know when we ate things we ought not and too many points. All of us dieting need to ditch the soda. All of us big gals need to eat home-made meals where we control the fat and calories. It's just the sad fact. Eating out makes it too easy to just go hog wild. Well, for me. Sigh.

But we have the tools. WW gives good tools. I give them props for that.

It's up to us. So, Teale, honey, just think how you can lose those 15 pounds in 2 months following plan. Focus on that.

And I gotta focus on that, too.

Let's never give up.

Keep smiling. Your smile rocks.

The Princess

Trisaratops said...

Yes, keep going! The reward you want will come, even when the scale is that fickle wench! It's going to feel so good, even though it is starting out painful now.