Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I decided to evaluate my progress on WW since January 1st. I knew that I had lost, met some goals, then gained, gained, gained. I wasn't sure really what my weight even was at the beginning of the year, so I checked it out.

And I was able to see a pattern of self-sabotage.

The first 8 weeks of the new year, I successfully lost weight--every single week. On the 8th week, I crossed over the 50-pound mark of weight lost. Hooray! Then the following week, I had a gain.

The week after that, I lost again, and that put me at 53.8 pounds lost, which is the most I have lost so far. And every week since then, I have gained. That's 4 WW meetings, but I did miss 3. So, 7 weeks and I have made no progress. (I didn't go to my meeting last night, I'm going to go Friday... but I hope it's not 8 weeks with no progress).

Overall, I am 1.8 pounds lighter now than I was on January 1st. I suppose I should be happy about that. There is less of me. However, seeing it put out there is eye-opening. I have gone four months with pretty much no progress. If I want to see progress, though, I need to be 100% committed again. I know the program. I can give great advice to others about ways to try harder & ways to stick to the plan... but I can't seem to follow my own advice. Whine, whine, whine, I know, right?

I have just been lazy.

After the horrible breakup, I wanted to focus on anything BUT that, so I kept my head in the WW game, hardcore. It wasn't until a month after the breakup that I started gaining weight. That was about the same time that I met Eddie. New relationships also seem to be my downfall. Eating out, getting drinks, etc. When I started dating Mike, that's when I packed on 50 extra pounds. I worked hard to get them off, and I need to keep working hard to get more off.

I've gotten into the habit of saying "OK, tomorrow is the day, I'll just have one more bad day to get it out of my system". But that ONE MORE DAY just keeps coming. Even this morning, I thought "hmm, maybe I'll swing by McDonald's and get my LAST bad breakfast there." Why bother with one more bad thing though? Why not just stop?! So, I didn't go.

There are 4 months left until my WW anniversary. My goal for those 4 months is to lose 20 pounds. That would put me at 60 pounds lost. Initially, I wanted to hit my 75 pound mark by my anniversary, but 35 pounds in 4 months seems like a lofty goal, so I won't set my expectations that high. That would put me at 267.6 and I haven't seen the 260s in who knows how long.

So here's to the next 20 pounds!


Hanlie said...

Wow, I'm impressed by you not having the "last" bad breakfast. I've always done that!

You can do this Teale. You have the track record to prove it! And this time you're more aware of the pitfalls. I have total faith in you.

Heather said...

you definitely have been through a lot this year so you cant be too hard on yourself. as I said in the last post, dont focus on the past now, just look forward. dont focus on the gains you had or the mistakes you made because in the long end of things, those slipups wont matter. try focusing on ways you can incorporate healthy eating into your new activities with eddie that you mentioned. I eat out with kevin once a week and I just plan ahead what Im going to eat or how many drinks Im going to have and then I stick with it. does eddie know about your goals? maybe you shold tell him, I am only going to have 2 beers, and then if he sees you going for a third, he could just remind you that you said you were going to only have 2,etc. or say, dont let me have dessert! that may be hard for him to do that, but Im glad that kevin sometmes reminds me of my goals. you can go out and have a fun time and stil leat and drink the things that you like. you just have to monitor yourself and keep your goals in your head all the time. it takes a lot of work, but you will get there.

Trisaratops said...

SERIOUS congratulations skipping the last breakfast! I have done that many times over the year. "one last hurrah" - and it is like, what are you waiting for? I'm glad you have perspective and goals and a rejuvenated frame of mind. I agree with Hanlie - you will get there, because you've done it before. Changing habits that you've had for a number of years won't be easy, or happen overnight. Soon they will be easier than they used to be, though. We're all here cheering you on!