Thursday, May 1, 2008


The case managers have their weekly meeting in the conference room right next to my desk. I saw a man enter with two huge bags from Panera. I know that there will probably be extras and they will offer me a bagel. My mouth waters thinking about the cinnamon-crunchy-goodness w/hazelnut cream cheese.

But I will say no.

It's not in my plan for today.


Yesterday went very very well. I did not get in my exercise, which is unfortunate, but I did a lot of other things right, so I'm not going to beat myself up about it. For my first day back on plan after many off-days, I think I did pretty well. My menu obviously needs some tweaking, but this was a vast improvement. Here's yesterday's menu:
Cheese (3)
Morning Quaker Minis (2)
Salad (2)
Soup (3)
Smart Ones (6)
Popcorn (4)
Broccoli (0)
Grape tomatoes w/feta & olive oil (2)
Wheat spaghetti w/spray butter & parmesan (5)
2 WW cookies (2)
100 cal pack (2)
Yogurt (2)
Peanut butter (2)
Total: 35


Trisaratops said...

First day of a lot of days being on plan, I think. And I second you - you will say no.

Lyn said...

Good job getting back on track. I am so glad there are no Paneras around here!!

Heather said...

glad that you had a good day! I know they will keep on coming. hopefully you could resiste the Panera. people at my work do the same thing..put out their leftover treats for everyone to have and it is so hard to pass them up.