Friday, May 30, 2008

The Action Plan

As I was reading some posts in my google reader the other day, I came across justoofat's entry about how it's time for her to either quit or start over. I think probably the majority of the people I read on here have reached that point. Some of you haven't, and I think that's marvelous that you've been able to stick with things through thick and thin(ner). Many of us though, we have struggles with sticking to it.

Sometimes I think "Why bother?" or "It's just not worth it, this is too hard and too much work" or "even if I lost 100 pounds, I would still be obese, what's the use?". And those kinds of thoughts can make you sink lower and lower until you just don't really care at all anymore how you're doing. I haven't cared for months, really. Sure, I've had a few weeks of doing well and losing weight again, but I've definately had WAY more time this year on the flip side. So, I've decided to develop an action plan.

1. Go grocery shopping this weekend. Stock up on fresh fruits & veggies, and plan 3 meals for the week before grocery shopping so that I can be sure I have all the items I need. That way, I can't say "oh, I can't make dinner tonight, I forgot to get the _____".

2. Return to my weight watchers meetings on Tuesday night. I haven't been in 3 weeks. I know it's gonna be ugly, but I have to go. Plus, I'm still paying for it!

3. Start a gym regimen on Monday. My friend is joining with me, and we used to be really, really good about going 4-5 days a week after work. We'd meet there, run on the elliptical for awhile, then do strength machines together. We were really diligent about going, and I really didn't mind it. I can't remember why, but I know she stopped going after awhile, and I quickly followed. I have been up and down with my gym usage since then, but it was that summer that I was really committed. I went out last night and bought a new iPod shuffle--one of the clip ones. I think it's a good incentive to get back there. I like that it clips, because it's always been cumbersome to have a non-clipping mp3 player. I wouldn't have dared purchase an armband thing for my old mp3 player... I'd be worried it wouldn't fit my massive, expanding arm. So, the clip is really great. Plus it's a lovely shade of green, which I adore (although pink would have been nice to have as an option, Apple!).

4. Take swimsuit progress picture. I haven't taken any progress pictures since, oh.... February. And I went on the dreaded swimsuit shopping trip yesterday. Well, as much as you can call walmart a shopping trip. They had a surprising amount of really cute, fun, patterned swimsuits. Tankinis have always been my favorite... I like being able to mix tops & bottoms & get something that looks really cute. However... while walmart had a surprisingly vast selection of tops & bottoms... ALL their tops were halters with shoelace-thin strings to tie my D-cup breasts back with. Yeah, NOT happening. Not to mention, the back of the halter (you know, the part that goes around your midsection?) was SUPER low cut, so my back fat was out there for the world to see... I know I've seen some women that don't seem to mind the public back fat, but I am not one of them. So, I resolved to getting a 1-piece for the first time in like 10 years. I wasn't super happy with that, but I needed a suit, so what's a girl to do? It's still cute, and I think it's flattering. It's also a halter (what is WITH the halters this year?) but it's got a much thicker tie that seems to hold the girls in nicely. It's black, and has the little skirt on the bottom. I have mixed feelings about skirt-suits, but this one works out well. So, like I said, I am going to take a swimsuit progress picture. I think on my WW anniversary, I shall compare. That will be 3 months' progress.

5. Eat out only one time this week. This means ice cream too. If I eat dinner out, then no ice cream out... if I eat ice cream out, then no dinner out. Must be reasonable!

Who else wants to formulate their 5-step action plan? It's only 5 steps, whatever yours are, let's do it together!


Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you Teale. I haven't lost any significant weight in months. I keep losing and gaining the same 5 pounds! It's time for a plan. Going to write my post now...

Lyn said...

Hey there Teale,

I want you to know that even though I am losing weight at the moment, I totally get what you said. As a matter of fact I have spent most of the last 10 years feeling that way. It is so freaking HARD. Sometimes I work for weeks to lose 3 pounds and then I overeat a little for 2 days and gain it all back and think WHAT IS THE POINT?? I just keep praying I don't gain it all back.

So my plan is:
1. get back to exercising again, no excuses (it's been a week since I did anything)
2. stick to the calories as much as possible (1500 or less)
3. if I overeat, get right back to work cutting back at the next meal
4. throw out trash foods if they bother me
5. never give up, never, never never! Just keep trying and trying.

Hugs Teale, I know it's rough.

Heather said...

I think your plan sounds great! and dont worry if every week you dont meet every goal..its not going to happen overnight. the gym goal is good too because I know for me, I have a schedule and even when I have no desire to exercise, knowing that its "Exercise day" forces me to go for it. And I hear you about bathing suits...ugh I am having a terrible time of it this year.

Rebecca Teale said...

Hey your first name is Teale? That is so cool. My middle name is Teale. I think we're a rare lot!

pantrypuff said...

I definitely need to get on track.

Here's my plan:

1) Actually count my calories and stay within the 1200-1400 I can eat and lose weight

2) Use the bathing suit I got and go swimming.

3) Expand my nightly exercise routine. I don't do cardio much, I despise it, but I lift weights every night and do sit ups and stuff. It's really helped with the inches, but not much with overall weight loss(obviously)

4) Reward meself when I lose 10 pounds -- maybe a bike or something!

Craft Junkie said...

Ya know, I've quit worrying about it. I just live right, eat right, check the scales once a week and have totally stopped beating myself up about it...gain or loss. I'm at a plateau, myself...same 5 lbs on and off and on and off...oh well, this is life so I'm not going to fret it. It will come off if I just keep living and eating right.

Whew! That has certainly made a difference in how I feel when I look at the scales. No feelings of hopelessness anymore cause, well, I'm just living and I do know it will begin to come off again.

Did that ramble make any sense? LOL

RYC @ my blog: I'm so glad you're enjoying it. I hated to leave ya hangin' but it was getting so long. I will try and post the 2nd half tomorrow morning (in hopes of some more readers checking it out first. lol)