Saturday, May 3, 2008


After 3 good days on plan, I went to my WW meeting to see if it made any difference after weeks of NOT being on plan. I had been eating out a lot before & not drinking much water, so I did anticipate a bit of water weight loss. I also was weighing in in the morning vs. in the evening when I usually do.

But let me tell you how much it motivated me to see the scale down 6.6 pounds!

That was definately what I needed. I feel less forlorn about the fact that I was up 13.8 pounds from my lowest... I just cut that in half!

Last night I faced some challenges, but I think I handled them very well. I went to dinner at my favorite mexican restaurant with a friend. I had only a few chips with salsa, instead of half the basket. I had iced tea instead of a margarita. And I had a shrimp fajita quesadilla instead of cheesy chicken enchiladas w/rice & beans. And I didn't eat it all. I used maybe 1 tsp of guac & sour cream instead of the 1/4 c. they give you of each. I did good.

Then was the movies. Movie popcorn is something I absolutely LOVE. Something I will NOT give up, but will have only in small amounts now. Instead of getting the extra large tub with tons of butter, I got the small. Instead of getting a box of snowcaps & eating them, I brought a 100 cal pack of the oreo candy bites with me. Instead of a huge full-sugar & calorie pop, I got a small diet. I did good again!

I think I am finally back in the game!

I think that a lot of the friends that used to read me have maybe stopped. That's to be expected when I disappear for some time, but hopefully that encouragement will return, because it certainly is helpful!


Heather said...

great job! I am so glad to hear that you lost, but I figured you would since I know for me, any time such as the holidays where I ate off plan and saw a gain, a few days back on would bring a big loss. Im glad this motivates you and will show you how much it is worth to stick to your plan. the healthy changes you made at the movies and restaurant will help you keep moving down the scale too.

Lyn said...

Way to go! That's great motivation. Stick with it. You'll get there :)

Hanlie said...

That is fabulous! Well done, Teale!

Anonymous said...

I still read you! That's what Google reader is for... you can always catch up with people even if they disappear for awhile. And how pretty is your new layout!!

Holly said...

Woohoo that's an incredible loss!!!! I'm so glad to hear that you are back in the game... it's tough but it's so worth it. By the way, love your new look too.. just finding it a teensy bit hard on the eyes to read. Keep up the good work!!

The Better Idiot said...

Congratulations! I have had some trouble gettign back tothings myself, if I can do even nearly as well as you by the end of the week I will be happy!

Trisaratops said...

Hooray! You are strong and powerful! And your quiche looks gorgeous. Good job at the movies, lady!