Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Blog Buddies

Hello friends! I am trying to get into the swing of reading/commenting more often again. I have a whole list of blogs on my google reader, but I know some people have gone MIA, while others write 3 times a day! I have read the most recent couple of posts for everyone, and I've marked the rest as read, just so that I can catch up.

What I'd like to do is get some new, updated bloggers on there... so what I'd like you to do is reccomend to me 3 favorite blogs that you read. Tell me why you read them (inspirational, entertaining, etc), and don't forget to give me the link or url address to their blogs so I can stop by and read them & add them to my google reader! I realize that you don't know what blogs I read all ready, so I may get some reccomendations that I all ready have bookmarked. That's OK! And if you want to reccomend more than 3, have at it!!!

Let me have it:)


Hanlie said...

Funny you should mention that! I was just thinking to day to feature a Blog of the Day on my blog, starting tomorrow. So be sure to check in!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

My fav's are all on my blogroll but some are better than others. I never miss mousearoo, phat girl in a little coat and fat bridesmaid. They are awesome bloggers!

Felicia said...

Oh there are so many!! Would be hard to choose just 3.

Hope you have a super day!

Scale Junkie said...

I like your new look. Wow, its hard to pick just three blogs, I have so many I love and that I'm behind on reading.

Head over to the Tuesday HYC check in and read of few of those until you find some people that you can bond with.

Anonymous said...

If you're interested in book blogs at all, I have about a million in my blogroll for you to choose from. Some of my favorites, though, are these:
Hope you like them... it was hard to pick just a few. :)