Sunday, January 6, 2008


This has been a really good weekend for me. Sometimes the weekends are harder to stay on track, but not this weekend!

Friday night after work I went out w/some friends for a drink & dinner. I got a martini, but only drank half. Then I ordered a burger & fries, but left fries on my plate. It was a splurge for the burger, but I had the points for it & worked it in! That night Mike & I went to see a band play, and I just drank diet cokes instead of loading up the points w/alcohol.

Saturday I cooked a couple different things. I made some chocolate mousse w/SF-FF pudding & cool whip free. I also tried out a lemon/garlic shrimp recipe. I will tweak things next time, but it was pretty good on top of wheat pasta. Then for dinner I made my stuffed burgers. Those are always a hit, and they make so many! I cooked most of them & froze 3 to thaw & cook later.

Today I decided to head to a nearby town (where I went to college) to go shopping. They closed the Lane Bryant in my town until they get a new location, so I have to travel about 45 minutes to the nearest one. I really needed a new bra and a couple shirts. Sometimes you'll have really good shopping days when you try stuff on & you're really happy with it, and sometimes you'll have the kind of shopping day where nothing fits, nothing looks good, etc. The last time I went shopping there, it was one of the bad days. This time though, I had success!

And I also had a big NSV. I got 4 shirts, and they were all 18/20s!!! I definately have the perception that I'm still bigger than I am. When I look at an 18/20 top, it looks too small to me, I think I won't fit in it. And when I put it on, I convince myself it must be too tight... because I dont' wear 18/20s. Oh, but I do! If I had been more interested in the research aspect of my degree (I have a bachelor's in psychology), I would be very interested in studying individuals that had lost good amounts of weight. I'd be interested in their perceptions of clothing sizes as well as other size-related things. For example... if a bench is full of people & there's only a space between 2 people, I don't think I'll fit, when in reality my body would fit. I just still have the perception that I'm wider than I am. Anyway, taht was just a random little tidbit.

It was interesting b/c I just wrote about how when I lived in Bloomington I ate out all the time... and I found myself right on the strip of restaurants that I used to always travel to. It was lunchtime, and I saw the Steak n Shake, Taco Bell, Culvers, and Dairy Queen that I used to always go to. And I also saw a Subway, so that's where I went for lunch! No temptation to have the other stuff! And another amazing NSV... I didn't finish my wrap. I ate about 2/3 of it, and I wasn't hungry anymore. Instead of finishing it anyway, I just stopped.

So yeah, this was a really good weekend. I don't want to get my hopes up, since it hasn't been a full week since my last weigh-in, but I feel like I've been so on-track that I *might* reach my 40 pounds this week. Whatever happens though, it'll be ok. I know I've done good, and the NSV's show it!

This is what 18/20 tops look like on me!


Lynn said...

Looking good Teale, especially the one from the side... you can defiantly see the difference!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I definitely struggle with my perception of myself. Even though I see me everyday, I still have the occassional moment when I look in the mirror and "Holy Crap!" comes out of my mouth because I forget that the image in my head is no longer what I look like.

I would also be interested to find out if there ever comes a point when the image in our heads match the image in the mirror.

Also, can you email me the recipe for the stuffed burgers?

Wendi said...

you should share your great recipes with us. For me one of the hardest things is cooking sensibly. I'd love any and all help i can get.

you look great!

Saweetie-Carleen said...

they fit great!! you are looking fabulous!!! and congrats on the NSV's its tought to go back to your local food stops and not want to eat them!! you did great!!
Take Care and have a great week!

Lauren said...

Congratulations. I have the same perception issues. You look great.

Chubby Chick said...

Lookin' good, girl! You are absolutely gorgeous, and I love the tops. And congrats on the NSVs!!! You rock! :)

Kathy said...

Cute...gotta get to LB, I guess.
And I totally have the perception problem you're talking about...I think it's pretty common.


You look great!

Hanlie said...

I like that stripey top! Nice colours!

I know what you mean about measuring gaps and spaces before venturing forth. Have you ever been out with a thin person and unthinkingly followed them around a restaurant? You end up pitching a lot of diners into their plates!

ExpressingNotStuffing said...

So glad you joined the Healthy You Challenge!
Looking forward to following your progress and sharing in our success!

Heather said...

you look so good and Im glad you had a great shopping experience and are down another size! I am the same way though..I think, no way could I fit in a L at Express and then I did and it fit! so I think we just dont see our bodies where they are yet. Great job with staying on plan and with your NSVs. also I know for me, whenever I order something with fries and I know I will be tempted to have one, and then just one more, etc. I either replace it with something better like a fruit cup or steamed veggies, or I will just ask for them to leave them off the plate. that way I am not even tempted.

S said...

Way to go on your weight loss so far! That is awesome. I really have trouble on the weekends but it sounds like you made a lot of good choices. Congrats also on the new shirt size! That is exciting. I especially like the brown one in the first picture :)

*ccc* said...

A big cheer for the progress...and those amazing NSV's.

I think the things you said about our perceptions are really right on--it's amazing to grasp things are changing, but it's hard to see it happening.

Congratulations to you again! And here's to continued success!