Thursday, January 3, 2008

Not what I expected

I went to WW tonight, even though I wasn't looking forward to my WI. The past 2 weeks I've had to go to a Thursday evening meeting instead of Tuesday evening b/c the past 2 Tuesdays have been holidays. Last week I gained 3 pounds. It was expected... it was the week after Christmas. This past week though, I've been sick & haven't cooked at all. I've eaten whatever was around & convenient, and it included ordering pizza twice. I didn't think I'd gained, but I definately didn't think I'd lost any weight.

So imagine my surprise when tonight I stepped on the scale & was down 2.8 pounds! I feel like I'm right on track now. I'm at 38.2 pounds lost so far! I'm not crossing my fingers for my 40 pound mark next week, since I'll be back to Tuesdays... and it's not a full week. But 40 pounds lost is getting close!

I feel like I'm back in the zone now.... I grocery shopped, I'm trying out some new recipes, I'm all fired up:)


Chubby Chick said...

Yippee! Congrats on the weight loss! I can just imagine how happy you were!!!

And yippee for being in "the zone!" I'm there, too. It was a long time coming... and boy does it feel good!

Keep up the good work! 2008 is going to be awesome for us! :)

Kathy said...

Good for you! I see 40 pounds lost in your future...the near future.

Bev said...

WOOHOO! That is awesome!! =0

Heather said...

that is so awesome! isnt it wierd how our bodies work sometimes? Like I lost after thanksgiving of all times (but unfortunately gained after xmas). but I am glad you got that 3 pounds off and pronto. we should have a are so close to 40 pounds and I am so close to 30!

*ccc* said...

Sounds like crazy Decembers have been de riguer around the weight loss world...but so glad to see you're back on track and making progress again. Woop woop for you!