Thursday, January 17, 2008

The "I Love Me" List

I was catching up with some of my regular reads, and Krissie had a great post today. She wrote about negative self-talk that a LOT of us tend to partake in. She said that if she had a friend that said some of the things to her that she says to herself about herself, that friend would no longer be a friend. And she's right! Why do we talk horribly to ourselves sometimes? Thinking "I'll never meet my goal" or "I'm too fat to do that" or "they were looking at me because I'm fat, I must look disgusting". So, she declared that we should all make an "I Love Me" list. Fill this out about yourself & refer back to it when you're feeling down. No backhanded compliments about yourself either... which means don't say "I love my eyes because it distracts people from my big ass" :)

So, here's my list!

The "I LOVE ME" List

1. What do you absolutely love about your body? I really like my hourglass figure. Now that I've lost some weight, it is back hardcore, and sometimes when I catch a glimpse of myself in a window or something, I'm really surprised at how nice it looks.

2. When did you surprise yourself with your physical strength? Every time I work out. When I start my workout on the elliptical, after 5 minutes I'm ready to quit. I think "goodness sakes, how on earth did I ever do this 30 minutes?!" But, it never fails that I am able to push on & meet that 30 minute goal. I even got 45 minutes once!

3. When were you braver than you ever thought you could be? When my dad passed away in high school. I had just returned home from a school trip (he had passed away 2 days before I got back), and they asked if I wanted to come to the funeral home with them to make arrangements. And to view the body. I was terrified of seeing my dad. I thought if I didn't go, it wouldn't be real & would be easier. The morning they were going, I told them I wanted to sleep in, that I wasn't going to go. I laid in bed a few more minutes though, and I knew I had to go, so I got dressed & joined them. It was hard, but I needed to do it.

4. When did your self-control blow you away? The week after I joined WW I went to visit a friend at my old college campus. She and I always go out to eat & get ice cream when we get together. We went to Carlos O'Kelly's (delicious mexican), and I turned to the "healthy choices" portion of the menu & ordered from there. Usually I would get the enchiladas filled with cheese & creamy sauce... but this time I got enchiladas with spinach & mushrooms with pico. I didn't even miss that other stuff. When we went to get ice cream at Coldstone (also delicious, but most of it is SO not WW friendly), I declined my usual (20 point) selection and chose the Sinless Sweet Cream with sprinkles. It was tasty and felt SO good to stay in control & on plan!

5. What is your proudest moment ever? Up until now, it's been my college graduation. I have a feeling that on March 22nd my answer will change. (That's my wedding day)

6. When was the last time you felt absolutely beautiful? Last month at my dress fitting. I had to get a new dress because mine had outgrown me! To see it all put together with shoes, veil, etc. It was great.

7. Why do you deserve to meet your goals? Because I give myself to others without thinking a thing about it, but I don't do enough for myself, and now is the time!


Felicia said...

Great post!! I love love love your answers!!! March is a great month for a wedding *grin* My anniversary is the 24th of March.

Hope you had a wonderful day!


Lidian said...

What a lovely post! It is so nice to hear what people like about themselves...and is a great place to be in before the wedding (I remember the before-the-wedding rollercoaster very well even though it was, gulp, 20+ years ago!)

Chubby Chick said...

It's true! I think we're all too hard on ourselves from time to time!

I love your answers! You totally rock. :)

Kathy said...

Good for you, Teale. Each of us has to know our own worth in our hearts and see ourselves as beautiful.

Cat_82 said...

What a great post.

I think you are so beautiful on the inside and the outside, and it's so refreshing to read your answers.

Good for you for taking the time to be proud of yourself...I think we all need to do a little more of this.

Heather said...

That is fantastic! I will have to do this!

Hanlie said...

Great answers! You are an inspiration!

EVA said...

now is the time! i can't wait to see photos of the wedding...i bet you will look amazing.