Friday, May 21, 2010

Accomplishments & Goals

This week I accomplished:
1. Wrote down all food! I even made room in my points budget to have a small DQ treat this week! And it was good!
2. Walked 1.5 miles. Only got one walk in this week due to weather & husband having surgery, but I upped the walk from 1 mile to 1.5. I'm walking a 5K next month & I need to make sure I'm gonna make it!
3. Tried 2 new recipes,
Shepherd's Pie & Minestrone.
4. Took my vitamin every day!
5. Lost 8.8 Pounds!!!!! I couldn't believe it! My 2 pound loss last week surprised me a little, as in the past I'd always lost more my first week on WW, but I was on my period then too, which apparently caused a little bloat! So this week I played catch-up I guess! So I'm down a total of 10.8 pounds in 2 weeks. Amazing!

This week I commit to:
1. Try a new snack food option. (I don't want to get in the same "rut", eating the same things all the time... don't wanna get bored!)
2. Walk 3 times (1.5 mile each)
3. Work harder to get all fruits/veggies in every day. Some days I do really well with this and some days I only get 1 or 2 servings. Goal this week is to get my full servings in each day!

What did you accomplish this week? And what are you committing to next week?


Laura said...
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Laura said...

Oops, I deleted my comment! LOL!

Here's what I said: Wow! You're doing fantastic and what a loss!!! I did the same thing; my weight last week was up nearly 4 pounds from where I'd been the week before due to AF, but then my weight this week was 4.4 pounds! Not eight, but a big loss for me nonetheless.

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I appreciate the support, and I really love turning the computer on first thing in the morning and getting to read people's supportive comments!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Erin said...

Wow Teale!!! That's incredible. Way to go!

Smasher Girl said...

was that a TYPO??????????? 8 lb???? you are my HERO!!! wow. you earned it!

Becca said...

WOW!!!!! 8 Lbs! That's fantastic, great work! Look at you kickin serious ass.

Anonymous said...

8.8 lost pounds! That's totally awesome!!!

My husband loves the chicken enchiladas suiza.

Lindsay said...

Wow Teale that is AWESOME!!!!! Way to go girl you deserve that loss. So happy for you:)

Becca said...

Re: Post on my Blog
Thanks for the advice - that's my plan. As soon as this vacation is over, back on track right away. Hopefully it wont take more than a week to get back on track!

Smasher Girl said...

hey teale!!! i LOVE the new digs!!!! very YOU!