Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Plan

1. Attend weekly Weight Watchers meeting, no matter what. If I have a conflict with the Monticello meeting, I will attend a Champaign meeting on another day. (First meeting this Thursday)

2. Write down everything I eat, even if I slip up & eat something that's not on-plan. Journal it all.
3. Have one planned meal out each week (date night with the husband), where I eat whatever on the menu that sounds good (not saying go overboard, but eat an entree that appeals to me). If an unexpected meal out occurs, that meal will be as healthy as possible, given the menu of the restaurant.

4. Walk at least 10 minutes, 3 times per week. Revise this as weight comes off.

5. Take progress pictures from the front & side every 10-pound milestone.

6. Read other blogs and provide support to others in the same boat.

7. Write at least once weekly in Teale's Meals to update on progress, emotions surrounding lifestyle change, struggles, victories, etc.

8. Eliminate pop. Right now I drink maybe 1 diet pop per day, but I'd like to eliminate that altogether.

9. Take measurements once per month as another way to monitor progress.

10. Don't give up.


Erin said...

Great plan! I just went to a training today on motivational interviewing, and the trainer said he mostly works with people with weight issues. He said the best thing that helps people is when they take a photo of the plate of food they are about to eat and look at it before they eat it. He says for some reason, it really helps them to see it in the photo because they have to take note of everything they are about to put into their bodies. Maybe keeping a photo journal of what you eat could help?

Laura said...

Sounds like a really good plan! You can do it! And when you struggle, just remember why you're doing it. That helps me sometimes.

Smasher Girl said...

love it! very balanced! it will be a challenge but it's one that you can definitely take on. can't wait for next week's weigh-in!

Lindsay said...

What an awesome plan!!! Stick to it girly and you will have major success! Can't wait to hear about your weigh ins!

Made To Shine said...

sounds like a solid plan. Im sure you can stick to it!