Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Victories

During the week I've always had an easier time sticking to a healthy plan because there's a specific structure to my day. Every day has the same schedule, so it's easier to stick to my plan, given that schedule. The weekends are usually where I struggle. The nice thing with Weight Watchers is that you have 35 flex points in addition to your daily points, so that if somethign comes up & you want something special that "costs" more, you can do that. This weekend I faced my first date night on plan (a weekly tradition for my husband and I), my first cookout, and celebrating mother's day with 3 moms. Normally all of these would be a reason to eat as much of whatever was being served. But I'm happy to report these victories for the weekend:

1. Date night--We planned ahead when going to the steakhouse & I researched points for foods there. I made a plan ahead of time about what I was going to eat, and I stuck with it. I got salmon, broccoli, and a salad. We shared a small appetizer, but I budgeted for that & didn't go overboard.

2. Date night--We then went to the movies. The usual movie far would be an extra large pop and a huge bucket of popcorn, slathered in butter. This time I brought a package of sugar free hard candy, the husband got a diet pop, and I got a bottle of water. That was a huge victory, because I love my movie popcorn. But I resisted.

3. Cookout--A big chance to go overboard here, given there were hamburgers, hot dogs, italian sausage, pasta salad, potato salad, taco salad, chips, cookies, and pop. I sampled a lot of what was there, but I didn't go overboard. I also budgeted my points accordingly and used a few flex to round out the day. It wasn't the healthiest food in the world, but I didn't splurge and over-do it. And I didn't graze, which happens so often at cookouts! Once everyone was done eating, we put the food away and it solved that problem!

4. Mother's Day--Breakfast was the first hurdle. We were going to my mother-in-law's for a breakfast of french toast and bacon. Nothing too healthy about that option. I ate 2 slices of each, and tried to limit the syrup I used. I didn't have any other option in this case, so I just was careful with the rest of my day.

5. Mother's Day--Lunch was the second hurdle. My mom wanted fried chicken. Not the healthiest thing in the world, huh? I had a thigh & removed the skin. Also had a small amount of leftover sides from the cookout. Drank lots of water. Didn't feel deprived, just didn't overdo it. Good!

6. Mother's Day--Dinner was the last hurdle. I'd been dying for some chinese and we were headed to the buffet. Usually a disaster if you're trying to eat healthy. Once again, I made a plan before we went. I knew that I usually ate a lot of crab at this place. Crab by itself isn't so bad actually! But it's the butter that gets you. I looked at my points left for the day & my flex & decided that I would allow myself some crab with butter. I also would have a cup of soup (low in points), some shrimp, and one scoop of chicken & broccoli. I'd skip the rice since I was going with the points for the butter. I left feeling satisfied & I didn't deny myself a treat that I really wanted.

Overall, this weekend was filled with a lot of temptations. The weekend is harder for me to stay with my healthy eating schedule anyway, then throw a holiday in there, and without a plan, I might have been destined for disaster. But I wasn't. I made a plan and stuck with it. And I'm proud of myself.

What were your weekend victories? If you write about it, link to it in the comments!


Smasher Girl said...

wow teale!!! i give you so much credit! you should be so proud.

Lindsay said...

Awesome choices girly!!! Way to go!! I am all about planning before you go :)

Made To Shine said...

Awesome choices, especially at the movie theatre!