Monday, November 12, 2007

Bored, or something...

Well, I guess it's my turn to suffer the "bored with the plan" feelings. Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT off plan... I'm just bored with it.

For the past couple weeks, I just haven't been trying much to eat a balanced diet, get in my water, and I've been especially horrid with exercise. I've just been sort of skating by, staying w/in my points, and that's it. I've been teetering right around 300 all week. I want to see that damn 2, so why not bust my butt? Meh, I don't know.

Well, I suppose I do know... I've been quite busy, and other things have taken priority over my 100% focus on WW.

I've been in the process of looking for a new job for a couple months now. I finally heard back from the place I had recently applied, and I had a couple interviews & was offered the job last week. I'll be starting December 3. This is a good thing for many reasons, but one of them can also relate to WW. I'll be working at a hospital, and they've got a big cafeteria w/a salad bar. This will be my lunch of choice several times a week, I'm sure. This will also keep me from going home for lunch (I wouldn't have time to get there & back in this job anyway) and eating more than I should at lunchtime.

I've also been planning a baby shower for my friend. It's on December 8. I won't have anything to do for it for a couple weeks now, but the past couple weeks have been busy w/baby shower stuff.

They've also been busy w/wedding planning stuff. Just a little over 4 months now! Mike and I went and chose tuxes for him & the guys this weekend, and we also purchased our wedding bands! That was quite exciting!

This Saturday he & I will be having Thanksgiving w/my family. I am making several things, that way I know they are WW friendly. I'll be making green bean casserole, cheese potatoes, and scalloped corn. I found healthier recipes for the traditional Thanksgiving cuisine. I may post those recipes here if anyone's interested. For the actual Thanksgiving though, it is quite worrisome. We'll be going to Alabama to spend the week/weekend (Tuesday night-Sunday night) with Mike's family. I will have absolutely NO control over what food is served to me. I will just have to eat things in moderation & fill up on the stuff that I know is good for me.

So, all of these things have distracted me, yes. They have absolutely NOT made me screw up though. I'm still making wiser decisions than I was 3 months ago. I am 26.2 pounds lighter, that's fantastic! Yesterday I was carrying a box of kitty litter up the 3 flights of stairs to our apartment. This box was SO heavy, I thought surely it weighed 50 pounds! Once I finally reached the top of the stairs & dropped the box in a huff while desperately trying to catch my breath, I looked at the weight of the litter: 21 pounds. WOW. I was carrying more than that just 3 months ago... and now carring that weight was exhausting. How I did it before, I have no idea.

But I do know that I will never do it again.


Trisaratops said...

I completely empathise with feeling bored. So many times I have wanted to stop because I was tired of measuring and counting and working out and weighing. And I think it is okay to relax a little - maybe not, as it has taken me over a year to FINALLY get to the 51 pound mark. I actually pulled out some "before" pics to remind myself why I keep going. Anyway, you will keep going, and it will be worth it! What a great comparison to see the kitty litter box!

Heather said...

I think that is great! You have accomplished a lot and its amazing!

I think its easy to get bored with our plans because we do what works, which is often the same things over and over again.

Maybe pick up a new cookbook and try some new meals? Or change what you eat for your meals by having breakfast for dinner or something. For me, I found that once food just didnt have as much emotional hold over me, I didnt care so much what I was eating because I was just eating to put nutrients in my body.

Allison said...

Yes, plese do post your Thanksgiving recipes! I'm interested. Thank you!