Sunday, November 4, 2007

Where have I been?

It's funny, because when I started this blog, I wrote all the time, and a couple months later, I am seriously lacking in the blog department. When I first started WW, this blog helped me w/the transition from "old lifestyle" to "new lifestyle". Now that my new lifestyle has become a way of life, it's much easier, and I find myself thinking about it less. Which on one hand is good, I'm not obsessing about my next meal like I was in the beginning. But on the other hand, I feel badly because I am not only slacking in writing, but also slacking in reading. I am sorry to all of you who I read that I have not been keeping up w/your progress like I should be. I will try to be better.

Not only am I focusing on my healthy lifestyle, but I am planning a March wedding & am also planning a December baby shower for a friend. I'm also in the process of finding a new job. So, these are the things that have been keeping me busy!

I attended a conference on Friday, so all of my food for the day was being provided & I had no say in it. It turned out it wasn't so bad though. I got there, and they had a breakfast spread w/muffins, pastries, and FRUIT. So, I loaded up on the fruit & grabbed a granola bar. Lunch was turkey sandwiches on a croissant. The croissant wouldn't have been my first choice, but I will say that it was delicious & I enjoyed it. I also had a pack of Lays potato chips. Did you know that there are only THREE ingredients in the regular Lay's? Potatoes, Salt, and Sunflower Oil. I thought it was surprising. But anyway, I'm off topic. The afternoon break brought more food. They had chips, candy, popcorn, and cookies set out. I got about a cup of popcorn & picked up one cookie. It was one of those Milano cookies. I took a bite of it, and I realized "I don't love this like I used to." So, I didn't eat it. Do you know how huge that is?! To stop eating something even though it tastes OK, but just isn't really GREAT. I was proud.

Today I wasn't too hungry all day. I ended up only eating two meals (slept in & missed breakfast), so they were higher in points than I usually would have eaten in 2 meals, but I don't want to slack on those points, so it all worked out. I did slack this weekend on my water. The weekends are the hardest water-wise for me! I went hiking both yesterday & today, so that was good. I didn't go to the gym all week. It was just one of those weeks where I wasn't feeling it. Next week I'll get back to it.

I know I won't be seeing a 2 in front of my weight this week... well, I assume I won't... I'd have to lose over 4 pounds. But, I do hope to make up what was gained last week in water weight. We shall see. I do have to weigh in at 10am on Tuesday instead of my usual 5:30, and that will make a difference. That actually may have something to do w/my gain last week. The week before was a mid-morning WI, and last week was an evening WI, so I probably was about the same weight. So, this week may show a little more of a drop that I anticipate since it'll be earlier in the day.

Anyway, this whole daylight savings time throws my body out of whack. I'm exhausted & heading to bed!


Lauren said...

Great job on the food! I've been not doing so well on my food and I'm just bobbing over and under three hundred daily, a little frustrating and I'll be glad when it's a solid under. You'll get there too, keep on keepin on.

Chubby Chick said...

I've been missing you, girl! I'm glad you posted. :)

Scale Junkie said...

Great job on the food. I know you've been busy but try to post once in a while, we miss you!!

Heather said...

That is so amazing that you could realize you wouldnt enjoy something and then stop eating it. That is great work!

I think you made the best choices that you could in the situation you were in. Like you always say to me, there will always be challenges and situations we are in that make us uncomfortable so we just have to deal with them and I think you definitely did!

Lynn said...

I'm glad you're back, had wondered if you were ok!

Leigh said...

that is great to put something down that you don't love. I have noticed that a lot of think people will do this. Stop eating something because it's not great, or even leave things on their plates. :O I never understood that.... if it's there, it's gotta be eaten... :) That's something I am working on!!!