Saturday, November 10, 2007

Eating out

This is a big hurdle for some people. Some complain that their weight loss efforts are roadblocked by busy schedules that force them to eat out, or socializing w/friends always surrounding food... but here'sthe thing. There is ALWAYS a healthy choice. You can find one if you try... but it does take effort sometimes. Just like anything else related to this battle, it's not always easy.

Here's some helpful hints for eating out:

1. If you know the menu of the restaurant, or they have one online, decide what you're going to get before you even leave the house. Many websites even have calorie information, so you can figure out if it fits in your plan or not.

2. Talk to your waiter. Be friendly... people are much more likely to accomodate you when you're friendly. Your food can be specially prepared--baked, broiled, not cooked in oil, etc. You just have to ask! If you aren't sure what the best way to prepare something more healthy would be, don't be afraid to ask your server what the cook could do to keep it healthy for you.

3. If you do decide to get a higher-calorie/higher-fat choice, only eat half. Either ask for a doggie bag when they bring your food out & then box up half, or ask them to not even bring out half of your food, just box it up in the kitchen. People are surprisingly willing to help you out... think about it, your server is earning a tip by being as accomodating as possible!

I went out to eat last night at a little local restaurant w/my parents. There aren't a lot of things on the menu that aren't fried... but when you read between the lines, there's always a choice... and I found a broiled cod fillet. I had that with a salad and a baked potato w/butter. I also had a dinner roll and one mozzerella stick. I took a potentially bad situation and I made a smart decision... and you can too!


Heather said...

That sounds great and those are some wonderful tips.

In my experience it hasnt been that there arent any healthy choicse (except in some situations like the freaking zoo), its just that most of the time when people go out, they think of it as a "treat" so they dont even want to look for the healthy stuff when its sitting there next to all of these other great foods that are not so good for you. I think the fact that eating out used to be a treat makes it easier to tell yourself thaty ou can eat chicken and veggies any night, you should have the chicken alfredo instead!

This is still an area of weakness for me but Im slowly getting there each week. I guess I have found that eating out just isnt a treat and food just isnt as big of a deal for me anymore.

Great job with your choices!

Chubby Chick said...

What great tips! Thanks for sharing, Teale! :)


Sweet! Thanks for the tips!

Scale Junkie said...

I rarely go out to dinner so when I do, like Heather said, I consider it a treat. However I still look for the best and most healthy option for me. Most of the time I was will decide from the website nutritional info before we even go and I won't even look at the menu. In the one case I couldn't find something healthy, I ordered something I didn't like so I wouldn't over eat. I know that sounds drastic but it worked LOL