Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I really do feel lucky because my significant other is such a huge source of support to me. I know some of you ladies have families that don't necessarily follow the same food diet as you do, which brings temptations into your home and makes success more difficult. Or maybe your family sits on their butts while you go out and exercise. Or maybe your family just doesn't understand how hard you are trying & how much perseverance it takes.

But mine does, and it's the biggest help in the world.

Before joining WW, when it was that time of the month, Mike would always pick me up a couple Hershey's bars because he knew chocolate made me feel better when I was cramping or PMSing. I thought it was so sweet of him to know that chocolate was what I needed then.... but now I think it's sweet of him that he DOESN'T buy me that chocolate. It's not like he's not buying it b/c he thinks I shouldn't have it, but he doesn't buy it b/c he knows I want to stay focused & stay on track.

When I first started WW, he kind of had it in his head that healthy food=bad tasting food. Anything low fat, fat free, or sugar free... he wasn't too interested in. But now, he at least tries most of the stuff that I bring home or make... and he actually LIKES a lot of it! For example, he took a LC pizza for lunch today!

My toughest hurdle to get across is exercise. Always has been. I've had a gym membership for over a year, but after last summer, probably used it a total of 5 times. Mike's been telling me that if I add him to my membership, he'll go with me. Honestly, I figured that he'd be too tired after work to actually go, so I was worried it would be a waste of money. Signing up is usually like $80, and that's just money we don't have right now. Our total monthly membership woudl only be $32/month though after that initial fee for him. So I called yesterday to see if they had a membership special going on, as they often do. And they did! They extended their $20 membership for a few more days, so I went yesterday & signed him up for only $32 (sign-up fee plus first month's membership)... and last night, we went to the gym! He was so excited about it and he loved it, which makes me more excited about it! I ran on the elliptical for 33 minutes & walked on the treadmill for 17... so 50 minutes of cardio for me! I also did some strength machines, and I feel it in my shoulders today... but it's a good burn! Afterwards, we went to Subway for dinner!

I'm just so thankful for him, in so many ways... but his encouragement and willingness to make an effort to be healthy with me is so fabulous. He's not following WW, but it's so cute b/c he'll have something & say "how many points do you think this was?". So he's making a conscious effort to help get us both to a healthier weight.


Dee said...

That's great that your man is so supportive. I'm happy for you! He sounds like a wonderful guy.

My partner also does support me, although sometimes he doesn't really know how. Especially when I feel a bit down and just need someone to give me a hug, he goes and lectures me. I know he means well, but sometimes he executes badly ;)
He'll go out for walks with me if I ask him, and he'll also sometimes try the healthier food I cook etc.

I honestly don't think someone who is NOT in my shoes or in the same league than me (as in the same weight/heavily overweight) can fully understand how I feel and what my relationship with food is like and what is required to change my eating habits. Which is why I find so much real support amongst the blogging world :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you and your gym membership! Even if you go just a couple times a week, it's better than nothing! You will definitely see results and something as simple as climbing the stairs gets easier! That's one thing I noticed. Make sure you don't over-do it at the gym though. Maybe do cario one day and then strength training the next. Also, make sure to switch it up so your body is continually changing and to prevent plateaus. Good luck and your hubby sounds awesome!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

He's wonderful!

My husband works such long hours, I don't want to push him to the gym. I have to go early. He sleeps in until 8:30 or 9, but doesn't get home until about 8 or sometimes 9 or 10 (engineers don't have set schedules. When deadlines are on, he could be there til midnight).

I'm like you were: My gym membership is on "inactive" since I haven't gone for years.

I'm too tired in the evenings to go; he stays up late and can't get up earlier. But I do think his going with me would be motivating. I'd feel less weird.

I hope the gym duet works beautifully for you.

The Princess

Lauren said...

that is so awesome that you have a support network right there at home.

Heather said...

well I posed in your other blog, but I think it is so cute that Mike is this supportive and just think, he is bettering himself in this process as well. You guys can lead healthy happy lives together and that is one of the best things you can do as a couple.