Saturday, October 6, 2007

One year.... and progress....

Today Mike & I celebrated one year together! I took a picture of us, and for the first time was able to see the weight loss in my face. I'll post the picture, then next to it will post one of our engagement pictures from April. I've lost over 20 pounds since then. I don't know how much I weighed at the time of the pictures, because our scale only weighed up to 330, and anything above that said "Error".... and for awhile, I got the error message when stepping on the scale.... so, at least 20 pounds gone.

Here I am now.
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And here I am in April.
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^This is my favorite e-pic of us!

What do you guys think?


Chubby Chick said...

Awww... you guys are an adorable couple! You look so happy and so in love! AWWW! lol

And I can DEFINITELY tell that you have lost weight! The difference is quite noticeable, girlfriend! You are doing a FANTASTIC job! Keep up the good work! :)

Lyn said...

I think you are looking GREAT!!! Way to go. And your guy is such a cutie too :)

You're inspiring and I am so glad to have friends like you out here in blogland to help me stay motivated!

Scale Junkie said...

I love that picture of the two of you!! I can see why its your favorite!

The difference in your face between those photos is AMAZING!!! You may not be able to see a big difference but I most certainly can. Keep up the good work gorgeous!

DeborahSW said...

Looking lovely, Teale! And most important - very happy too! :)

Once Upon A Dieter said...

I see a big difference in the face, too. And I love how you two are just so happy together. Glowing and smiling. That's how it should be! That's how I am with my fella. He still puts the big ole smile on my face.

You guys make the cutest couple.

Thanks for posting. Made me smile.

The Princess

Heather said...

I commented on this on your other blog, but I think you can really notice a difference. You look great!

Dee said...

you guys are so cute together! Great pics and thanks for sharing. There is definitely a difference in the pictures. You're doing great!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy you made the hike. That was amazing. Keep up the good work. You are very motivating. I have lost 32 lbs. and slowing trying to loose lots more. Peg