Thursday, October 4, 2007


I had a dinner to go to tonight w/a couple friends from high school. I suggested Red Lobster b/c I knew I could eat some fresh fish for minimal points. I ordered a full order of tilapia (but I could have only gotten 1/2 and been satisfied... next time I'll do that!), a salad w/little shrimp, baked potato w/butter, and broccoli. I ate all that and didn't even have to use any flex.

But the best thing I did was AVOID THE CHEDDAR BISCUITS!!!

In the past, I would have probably eaten 3 or 4 of those throughout the meal... and at 4 points a pop... ouch! I didn't even actually LOOK at them, didn't miss them either.

And I looked up the crab alfredo that I used to get, to see points value for that... and it's like 30 points for a full order of it. OMG.

So, tonight was an excellent dinner, I felt really proud of myself for making good choices, and I didn't walk out of there MISERABLY stuffed (or find myself parched in the evening like I used to after all the fried, high-sodium food I used to eat there!). Great evening:)


Heather said...

mmm I love fish. I think you made some great choices, and Im glad that you were able to enjoy yourself and didnt need that crab alfredo!

Lynn said...

That's an awesome NSV!! You should be soooo proud of yourself, staying OP and dining out is very easy if you plan ahead!!

Thanks for sharing :)