Monday, October 8, 2007

My old life.

Out of curiousity, I thought I would post a sample menu from my old life, just to see the outrageous amount of points I was probably having every day. Granted, I didn't eat like this every day, but there were probably a couple days a week that this was a typical menu. I generally was eating at least one meal out a day every day, and some days, all three meals were out.... so here's an example of the extremely bad day. It's embarrassing to actually post the amount that I was eating, but I think it's important to do this, and I challenge all of you to do the same. I'm just estimating here based on nutrition info online... the WW site is down for maintenance right now, so I can't do exact totals.

Most mornings, I would go to either McDonald's or Sonic. At McDonald's, I would order 2 breakfast burritos, a sausage/cheese biscuit, and an extra large Dr. Pepper. Yes, that's enough to feed 3 right there. And an estimated total of 40 points. That's more than I eat in a whole DAY now. The Dr. Pepper alone is 10-12 points. Outrageous.

I'd sometimes hit the vending machine and get a big bag of cheese-its and a mountain dew. This is an estimated total of 12 points

Once a week I would meet a friend for lunch and we would go to eat on campus... we'd eat at a variety of places, but then top it off with Coldstone. Qdoba was one of our favorites... it's a mexican restaurant. I'd get nachos and iced tea w/sweetener. The nachos are an estimated total of 20 points but that might be too little, I couldn't find the exact nutritional info. And then we'd go to Coldstone and I'd get a medium sized creation, for about 20 points.

Sometimes I would go through the DQ drive thru and get a medium cookie dough blizzard for about 24 points

It wasn't uncommon for us to order pizza for dinner. Usually they had some kind of special where you get free cheesesticks or breadsticks or something w/the pizza... so I'd usually have a couple slices of pizza, several cheese sticks, and some garlic butter... an estimated 40 points

For a grand total of Teale's ultimate old bad day as: 156 points

That is almost 8,000 calories that on a really bad day I used to consume.

Wow, that was unbelievable. Like I said, not every day was like this, but these days probably existed once per week. And it's really only out of sheer laziness.

That's really overwhelming to see, and really embarrassing to admit. But, that's my past... that's what got me here, and all the tools I'm using now, including this blog, is what's gonna get me far away from that.


Heather said...

wow, that could have been a menu from my "old" life as well. even though you may be embarrassed (and you shouldnt be), I think it is important to realize just how much of a change you are making, and how great it is for you.

*ccc* said...

I can't relate to this at all.

I mean, how could I? It's not like I used to think McDonald's cheeseburgers and a milk shake were the perfect "snack" on the way home from work or anything like, not me. Nope nope nope ;)

I think this was an awesome exercise...and one we should all do whenever we start beating ourselves up for going over our points every once in a while.

Awesome post, Teale!

Anonymous said...

What an eye opener! I should go back and calculate one of my "bad" days and see what I come up with. I bet is scary since I could wlf a Big Mac and Filet a Fish, Large fries with no problem.

Weight Watching Princess said...

I found your entry and found it inspiring and something to think about. I had to post a similar entry in my blog. Something to think about!

Dee said...

I should do this too, I bet ya I could come up with the same sort of calories/quantities. This is a great exercise and morale booster when you're having a bad day. Just compare one of your days from your new life, with one of the days from the old life and see how wonderful you are being to your body.