Monday, September 10, 2007

Didn't do it.

After I made that post, I checked my email pretty much non-stop for about 1/2 hour, waiting for someone to comment & tell me "go get that blizzard!" I didn't get such a comment, and I didn't act on my impulse. Instead, I had one of my WW cookies & cream bars, which are delightful and a fraction of the points that the blizzard would have cost me. My fiance even tried one (this from the person who was anti- ANYTHING healthy a few weeks ago) and loved it.

When I was waiting for those comments from people, I thought back to the day I first joined WW back in 2005. I had a friend who had been doing it for about a month, she had good things to say, but I felt like I'd be embarrassed to be on such a public "diet". The day I joined weight watchers, I was actually on my way to Dairy Queen. The DQ shared a big parking lot w/the Weight Watchers & a few other shops. Instead of pulling through the drive through, I pulled up to Weight Watchers. I was terrified and held back tears. It just so happened that I came about 1/2 hour before a meeting was due to start. How perfect! I nervously stood in line and when I got to the desk I told them "I need to join today". They got me set up, I weighed in, and then I sat nervously in a room that was filling with people. I texted the friend that had told me about WW, and she called me back immediately "Oh my God, I'm on my way to the meeting right now!" It truly was meant to be. Of all the times to pick to go to WW, I picked a time that a meeting was about to start, and of all the meetings, I picked the one that my friend attended too, unbeknownst to me!

So, that story went through my mind tonight when the little devil was sitting on my shoulder. And I have to thank all of you for NOT telling me to "treat myself". Whether that was because noone had a chance to read the blog or not, it's a blessing. So I enjoyed my 2 point bar, and then I walked to the library and picked up some new cookbooks & some old issues of Cooking Light, then walked home. Then Mike (fiance) and I did some cleaning, and here I am, sitting here & feeling MUCH more satisfied than I would have had I gotten the DQ.


Anonymous said...

yeah! I am glad that you did not get that blizzard (although it does sound yummy). I used to loooove those cookies and cream WW bars. absolutely delicious. you made the right choice! heather (opheliah)

Scale Junkie said...

Your health is worth so much more than a blizzard. I love the story of how you first went to WW. I'm really proud of you for not getting that blizzard but getting up and walking to the library instead, you ROCK!!

Lynn said...

The person above me said it all:

"Your health is worth so much more than a blizzard."

You made the right choice w/ the WW's frozen treat! Satisfies the craving for a fraction of the points!!

Anonymous said...

the instant happiness of the blizzard is just not worth how bad it will make you feel....isnt that sick what control food can have?!?

CHEERS to us for breaking the bad habits!

Ill call you with my SUCCESS on friday!