Monday, September 10, 2007

Work in Progress

I think overall, I've done really well these first few weeks back on WW. I've made a lot of huge changes, the biggest being my fast food eating. I've totally stopped. I would say that before WW, I ate out at least once a day. I have a job where I'm on the go a lot, and it was just easier to eat out. No more though. I won't lie though, sometimes the temptation is there. I won't give into that temptation though, because I never want to be where I am, physically, again.

I did have two meals out this week, but not fast food. One night we had pizza, and one day or lunch my coworkers and I got Chinese. I know these weren't the smartest choices. I stayed within my daily points on both of those days (I feel like I get SO many points since they changed the way points are figured since last time!), but I wasn't happy w/the decision.

I also struggle when I cook things. When you cook or bake, it serves way more than just 2 usually. So I feel like I have so much food left or leftovers, and I hate for stuff to go to waste, so I eat it. A good example was last week when I made the cookies & cream dessert. It made a 13x9 pan, and I ate it all over the span of a week. I wouldn't have devoted that many points to sweets had I not made so much... so, from now on, when I bake, I keep half at home and take half to work. I need to learn good habits, and eating a whole pan of dessert (even over several days) isn't healthy!

So, I weigh in tomorrow evening. I'm nervous because I don't feel like I had as good a week as I could have. I did walk 3 times though, which is a 300% improvement from last week:)

I'm really enjoying reading everyone's weight-loss blogs on here. It's great inspiration, and that's such a big help since I'm doing WW by myself this time. I have other friends that are on the program, but they're long-distance friends, and it's not the same as having that buddy w/you every day to keep you accountable.

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