Sunday, September 2, 2007

Enchiladas were GREAT!

So I gave those Chicken Enchiladas a try tonight! I tweaked the recipe a bit, as I am guilty of doing from time to time. I used a big can of chicken instead of raw chicken breasts. There were less points in that, so I was able to bump up the fat free cheese to full fat (I like it better). I ended up only using 9 tortillas instead of 10 because I ran out of room in the pan, and I was a little more generous on my chicken mixture, so I was out of it anyway.

Because of those changes, it bumped the enchiladas up to 3.5 points each, instead of 3 points each. I'm ok with that! They were delicious, and even my fiance, who thinks he hates anything WW friendly, ate them up! The soup mixture that you put on top is pretty thick when you spread it on, but it thins up in the oven, and it's just like a poblano cream sauce! I think next time I would throw the can of chiles in the soup mixture instead of in the chicken mixture.... there were plenty of chiles & flavor in the chicken stuff b/c of the salsa, and the chiles in the cream sauce would have added some more flavor & color.

Definately something I would make again!

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