Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yummy Breakfast Burritos

McDonald's breakfast burritos used to be one of my hardcore weaknesses. I would get 2 of them almost every morning before work. These suckers are like 6-7 points EACH, and I'd eat 2. Well, I do miss them, I won't lie, but I made my own version today that are half the points!

Breakfast Burritos
3 points per burrito

2 small flour tortillas (6" ones)
1 individual sized container of egg beaters (I believe there's 1/2 c. in the individual containers)
2 Bob Evans turkey sausage patties
1/4 c. reduced fat mexican blend cheese

1. Cook your egg beaters as usual in a skillet.
2. Meanwhile, microwave the Bob Evans turkey sausage patties until hot through.
3. Once eggs are cooked, divide between the two tortillas evenly.
4. Dice up the turkey sausage patties, and put one in each tortilla.
5. Sprinkle each burrito w/cheese, then top w/salsa & roll up! I then like to micorwave them rolled up for about 30 seconds, so everything melts together & the tortilla is good and soft.

This is SO filling, and I'd probably only eat one next time. Those of you that like onions, peppers, etc. could throw some of those in your burrito too! So good!


Chubby Chick said...

Mmmm... these sound yummy. Have you ever tried the whole-wheat low-carb tortillas they have at Super Walmart? They are great! I don't do WW, so I'm not sure how many points they are.

Lori said...

Those burritos sound yummy. Thanks for my official FIRST COMMENT :) And I am going to post goals/plans later. I just didn't want to overwhelm anyone who wants to read my blog by posting a bunch of stuff at one time. But I did make a stats/goals thing on the side of my page. :)

Once Upon A Dieter said...

I love breakfast burritos. I used to enjoy the McD ones, too, years ago, but they made me bloat like mad, so I said BYE-BYE.

I like making my own now and then with one of those high-fiber, whole wheat tortillas (there's one I get at Whole Foods that rocks). Alvarado St. or somesuch.

I use 2% Kraft sharp cheddar shredded and eggs or egg whites or egg beaters. And I like some veggies in there. Lots of veggies--onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, spinach, and peppers. And a bit of lean ham on occasion, like an ounce. That's one of the BEST breakfasts, for about 7 to 9 points (depending on whether it's egg whites and w/ or w/out ham).

But it's worth it to use up 8 points and get that much fiber and two servings of veggies. :D Very healthy and filling.

The Princess